Daily Zohar #172 – Toddler’s prophecy, Crazy?

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -172.

Tikkun 18 continue

Toddlers and mentally disturbed are closer to prophecy than other ‘normal’ people because they are less connected to the ‘gravity’ of this world. They don’t have the burden of work in this world and therefore can easily connect higher and see what other people can’t.

When a child starts talking he begins to lose his ability to see in the spiritual realm. The Zohar says that kids start talking when their tongue can taste bread.
We should listen to those toddlers; they may have a personal message for us.

The Mentally ‘different’ people have less connection to the material world. They are mostly in their own world and mind and see more in the spiritual than the physical.

A wise Tzadik, meaning a tzadik that reaches the level of Chokmah can connect to the light of creation and can see beyond time and space. That puts him on a higher level than a prophet that receives messages from the supernal. A wise tzadik can see the future all the time.

How can we have better dreams with true messages?

Sleep is a rest for the soul and the body. The body can get rest while awake but the ultimate rest happens when Soul and body rest at night time.
When we sleep, the soul leaves the body and goes to a resting place in the spiritual dimension. The soul then has the opportunity to look back at the host and go over the daily work, the good and the bad.
Dreams are the story of what went on with the soul above. Sometimes in addition to the daily processing, the soul receives messages about the future, giving her better guidance to do the spiritual work.
As a preparation for the night sleep, a person should be clean and relaxed. It is very important to relax the body and it can be done using slow paced deep breathing and muscle relaxation while in bed.

Preparing the body helps it release the soul to go on to its nightly trips.
Scanning a Zohar text will prepare the soul and give it a spiritual boost and elevation to a higher level in the spiritual dimension.

When the body is not relaxed the souls can not elevate higher (restless sleep) and stays in the lower levels where negative entities roam. A relaxed body does not ‘produce’ energy for them to enjoy and they let the soul pass easily up where the process is easy and beneficent for the soul.

The higher level our soul reaches, the more satisfied we get from the night sleep. The dreams that come to people when the soul is higher have more truth in them.

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18 Responses to Daily Zohar #172 – Toddler’s prophecy, Crazy?

  1. avatar VirginiaMary says:

    Dear Zion;
    How I can relate to this. Correct me if I am wrong but a person who is happy & positive with life & their relationship with Our Creator also contributes to receiving accurate, clear dreams/visions. May this Tikkun 18 be why Joseph was able to explain the dreams of others.

  2. avatar Sarah says:

    Beautifull Zion
    hope to read more …
    The dream of Yaakov
    explains the process of dreams
    Sometimes when clean after Mikve
    I have noticed that negative entities
    don’t let me sleep in peace
    because they don’t find their way to me
    so I don’t get high connection the first night
    How do you explain this ?

    • avatar Zion Nefesh says:

      You have strong energy and ‘busy’ mind. The negativity tries to hold you down to ‘suck’ some of your energy.
      Keep your head far from the door.
      Check the Mezutah.
      Check for negative objects in the room.
      ‘Sage’ the room.
      Close all doors in the bedroom, especially bathrooms.
      Go to sleep earlier before the negative entities gather around the body. Don’t get scared but it happens to everyone on different levels. The sleep is considered as partial death.
      (When the Israelites were traveling in the wilderness and after the sin of the 10 spies, they went to sleep and during the night their soul left the body to fulfill the decree that none of that generation above 20 years old will see the land.)
      Relax the body with berathing techniques.
      Read and scan Zohar. Recite the Ana B’koach אָנָּא בְּכֹחַ (According to the Ari we don’t read Tehilim at night)
      If this doesn’t help, scrape the walls to the bricks and redo the walls, if this doesn’t help move away from the house.
      Good Night.

  3. avatar Vivian says:

    nice to know

  4. avatar Thaimi says:

    Thank you, Zion!

  5. avatar Luis says:

    Dear Zion
    Where can I find what portion of the Zohar the reading belongs to?

    • avatar Zion Nefesh says:

      The Daily Zohar is from the Tikkune Zohar. We started from the introduction and going through all the Tikkunim. We are now at Tikkun # 18. Some of them spread over many Daily Zohars. There are 70 Tikkunim and following the current pace it will take a little over a year to complete all of them. God willing I will find the time and money to put the Daily Zohar into printed books for convenient reading.

  6. avatar FJD says:

    Thank you Zion. I understand that toddlers may have a stronger connection to the Light because they have not tasted a lot of the “burden of work” in the world, but on the other hand, they are very connected to the me, me, me ego.

    • avatar Zion Nefesh says:

      Thank you FJD for the comment.

      If toddlers and the ‘mentally different’ want something for themselves ‘NOW’, it is to protect them from losing connection to the people around them and to the world. This is not a real negative ego.

      If they want to have for them to keep for later then they are intellectual and practical and this is to satisfy and grow their ego. This could be in the negative direction. I say ‘could be negative’ because it is positive to want having in order to share later.

      There is a wide range in the ‘Mentally different’ group. It generally split into four groups that defined by the brain functions. The part of the brain that was affected and causes the type of ‘different’. In most cases their ‘ego’ is just a protection to keep their soul in the correction process. They are part of the parents, family and or community process.

  7. avatar Sarah says:

    and what about staying awake around Ratsot when the paths are meeting according to the Zohar ?

  8. avatar A Simple Jew says:

    Sarah, what can be accomplished by staying awake instead of getting a good rest to be a new and better self the next morning? Chatzot is a time to be up or rather to get up and mourn the destruction of the Temple. Napoleon when hearing that Jews still mourn the Temple destroyed almost 2000 years ago (to be precise, 1941 years ago), said that if people can still mourn a Temple destroyed that long ago, then it will surely be rebuilt. So being sound asleep while the paths meet should not prevent its benefits of affecting you.

    BTW, what does it mean that the paths meet? I never heard of it.

    As for humor, a little boy of five tells his friend “I never heard such a thing”. I think my comment of “never hearing it” is like that five year old boy.

  9. avatar VirginiaMary says:

    Dear Zion;
    I don’t know how the designs were applied to our comments. I do like mine. My first thought is Tefillin, then the human heart the 4 chambers & the color. The whole coming together as a Challah cover for Shabbat. It was fun to think of it.

  10. avatar Lindsey says:

    The kabbalah center has a great book titled…”Dialing God” its a great way to connect to god in the evening before bed and also in the morning. It speaks of cleansing and also has blessings for all candle lighting…

  11. avatar Christopher says:

    Dear Zion,

    Could you expand a little on the following sentence from above, “A relaxed body does not ‘produce’ energy for them to enjoy and they let the soul pass easily up where the process is easy and beneficent for the soul.”

    Thanks and BW,


  12. avatar Daliah Elias-Davis says:


    This is beautiful! I shouldn’t have favourites but for me this is the best Tikkune Zohar I have read so far. Thank you Chris for letting me see it…
    Unfortunately in the past I had to visit someone on a regualr basis in a mental hospital.
    First I was worried but soon I got to know almost everyone, they were attracted to visitors..I fell in love with everyone I met they seemed to be so pure and fragile…like toddlers. Some of them I sometimes see outside the hospital but all you can see is just a ‘mad looking person’ running around. Fortunately I had the opportunity to see that inside of them is a very special soul…

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