Songs with sacred words or with spiritual meaning

I will add more to this collection but I ask you to feel free emailing us your suggestions and links to your favorite songs and videos.

Noa Jewish Yemenite Music
(Old Havdalah Song from Rabbi Shalom Shabazi (Yemenite Kabbalist))


Yedid Nefesh – Ehud Banai – “ידיד נפש” אהוד בנאי

Lecha Dodi
“לכה דודי”- פרויקט שירי שבת

Shalom alechem

Shir Lamaalot שיר למעלות
Yossi Azulay: El Adon
יוסי אזולאי: אל אדון
El Adon – Ehud Banai
אהוד בנאי – אל אדון על כל המעשים

Azamer Bishvachin
אהוד בנאי – אזמר בשבחין
(Shabbat Songs from the Ari)
Mizmor L’David – Ehud Banai
מזמור לדוד – אהוד בנאי
Lecha Dodi
איציק אשל – לכה דודי לקראת כלה
Shalom Aleichem
שלום עליכם
Tradition Jewish melody
by Shaul and Julia Ben-Har
Bar Yochai
איציק אשל – בר יוחאי

V’Amartem Ko Lechai
Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
ואמרתם כל לחי רבי שמעון בר יוחאי
ישראל דגן
  • joy

    Really like this song…Azamer Bishvachin
    אהוד בנאי – אזמר בשבחין
    (Shabbat Songs from the Ari

    • Thank you Joy for the comment.
      This singer is very close to my heart. He has a special soul and also writes songs with deep meanings.

      Feel free to suggest more spiritual songs for this page.

      • I send you gratitude for your work, your contribution and this wondeful site. I would like to suggest adding the song version of Ana Bekoach by Yossi Assulay.

        Yours in service and with gratitude, Irene

        • Thank you Irene. I will add this beautiful song.
          I am open for more suggestions. Just copy the YouTube URL and paste it in the comments. It will save time.

          • It is I who thank you! I have work deadlines for the rest of the day, but will put together some youtube urls and send them to you tomorrow with pleasure.

            Yours in service and with gratitude,
            Irene (Rivka)

      • Irene Rivka

        I wanted to suggest another Yossi Azulai song. RAHEM-so beautiful. rel="nofollow">

        Sincerest thanks,

        Irene Rivka

        • Thank you Irene for your suggestion. It was added to the page.

          • I am so glad that you liked it. I have a very short post that I wrote that has is also spiritual. I would like to send it to you, as I think you would like it. Is there an email address I can sent to?

            Irene Rivka

  • daliah

    Ese YAFE Zion!!! Toda raba

  • daliah


    The prayer Azamer Bisvachin you say on Friday night has always fascinated me. It’s wonderful to know a tune to it now.The words are very powerful regarding breaking klipot. But I never understood the meaning of tapuchin/ oranges mentioned in the prayer? What is the meaning of this?

    G’d bless Daliah

    • The Chakal tapuchin, חקל תפוחין קדישין, meaning an orchard of apples (or Etrogs) is reference to the Malchut of Shabbat, which is the Shechinah. This is the song for the first meal of Shabbat that represents the Left Column, Female, Shechina.
      Second Meal is Atika Kadishah, which is the Keter of Arich Anpin and the aspect of the right column. Third meal is Zeir Anpin, central column.

      The apple represent the fruit of our work in Malchut. By itself it has the aspects of all three columns and that is why it is so healthy (if not radiated or with pesticides)

      • daliah

        Oh very interesting, Zion
        Thank you so much looking forward now to saying the prayer on Shabbat with knowledge of the special meanings 🙂
        Regarding the apple theres is a saying ‘one apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Should we only eat pure organic apples to keep healthy?
        G’d bless


  • Ahuva

    What a treasure trove! Todah Rabah!

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  • Rosemary

    Thank you for this truly awesome & powerful selection. I appreciate them very much & have made a shortcut so I can easily listen to them.

  • I really feel uplifted. Specially with Yossi Azulay!!! Thank you so much Zion for all your hard and loving work!

    • I just added to the song page the great performance of the Ana B’koach by Yossi Azulai.
      I welcome your suggestions and soon I will move the songs page to a more organized area of the site that is currently under development

  • Lea

    Great performance indeed, Zion, the Ana B’koach by Yossi Azulai.
    Pure emotion, many thanks.

    Shavua tov, blessings and lots of Light to all,

  • Sue Rott

    With a heart full of love and blessings.. Thank you Sion, Thank you.

    Shavua tov


    • Sue Rott

      Sorry Zion. SIC

  • akiva

    Shavoua Tov,

    On youtube, when we want to enlarge the video, we click on the logo on the right side> After doing it that logo changes and, so we able to restaure the intial size of the video. However, to restaure it, the logo looks like the symbol that the german army used during the W.W.II…

    Toda Raba 🙂

    🙂 Na Na’H Na’HMa Na’HMaN MeouMaN 🙂

    • I didn’t pay attention to that. I am sure that YouTube don’t have such reference in their designers thoughts.
      And FYI this symbol was/is used by the Hindus thousands year before the nazis as symbol of peace.

  • Beautiful music Zion! Toda rabá! Are you an angel in disguise? 🙂

  • Fina

    I would like to suggest the Tikkun Haklali and Yosef Karduner!

    Shavua tov, blessings and lots of Light to all !

    • Thank you Fina. There are many videos on YouTube for tikun Haklali and many of Yosef Karduner. I couldn’t find Tikun Haklali by Yosef Karduner.
      Please suggest specific links.

  • Mikael Sol

    I would like to suggest Madonna. Her music is pure light, especially the album Ray of Light.

    • Thank you for the suggestion Mikael. I like Madonna and the songs that she made with spiritual messages but on this page I include only songs that directly quote or related to the sacred text.

  • Eleazar Shlomo ben yakov Goldman

    Here are some songs/videos by Rav Hagay Batzri, which I find very elevating:

    Elecha Hashem

    El Adon


    Shema Yisroel

    Hashem Shamati

  • mark fialho

    I would like to suggest ADON OLAM

  • Solis

    Nefesh, would you consider Ein Od Mil’vado by Shlomi Shabat?

    • Yes. Please add the link in the comments section

  • Or

    Zion, are you orthodox? Are you concerned with Kol Isha laws?

    Not rebuking you, honestly wondering what is your stance. Thanks!

    • Dear Or, I’m very orthodox in my meditations and spiritual connections.
      I enjoy the singing of men and women with beautiful voice. I don’t listen or watch if the song include improper words or performance (men or women). I don’t want to ‘contaminate’ my ears and eyes.
      The music videos posted on the site are a small sample of what I like.

      For some ‘kol isha’ (voice of a woman) may trigger desires to be intimate with the singer in one form or another.

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