Rabbi Ohr Shraga

A humble kabbalists, dedicated his life to help others. Miracle worker.

Born: Born Early 18th century in Iran
Died: November 3, 1793 Yazd, Iran , 1793

Rabbi Ohr Shraga, which a name that reflect two lights. 'Ohr' is 'Light' in Hebrew and 'Shraga' is a 'candle' in Aramaic. He was a kabbalist who cared for his people and anyone else in need. Even the local Iranians, treated him as a righteous person. After his death Jews and non-Jews visited his grave with prayers and requests.

His kabbalistic writings were lost in time and few letters of him showing his 

Stories about the Tzadik in Hebrew from a decendent of the Tzadik, Rabbi Baruch Shraga. 



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