Rabbi Avraham Yissachar Dov Rabinowicz

Rabbi Avraham Yissachar Dov Hakohen Rabinowicz (also Avraham Yissachar Ber RabinowiczRabinowitzRabinowich, or Rabinovitch) was the second Rebbe of the Radomsk Hasidic dynasty.  He is known as the Chesed L'Avraham after the title of his Torah work.

Born: November 15, 1843 Radomsko, Poland
Died: Radomsko, Poland, 1892 (5652)

Avraham Yissachar Dov Hakohen Rabinowicz (also Avraham Yissachar Ber RabinowiczRabinowitzRabinowich, or Rabinovitch) (November 15, 1843 – September 5, 1892) was the second Rebbe of the Radomsk Hasidic dynasty. He was the youngest son and successor of Rabbi Shlomo Rabinowicz(1801–1866), who founded the dynasty in the Polish town of Radomsko (Radomsk) in 1843. He is known as the Chesed L'Avraham after the title of his Torah work.


Rabinowicz was born in Radomsk, where his father served as Rav. In 1843, the year of his birth, his father founded his Hasidic dynasty, becoming the first Radomsker Rebbe. He was named after two rabbis who had greatly inspired his father: Rabbi Yissachar Ber of Radoshitz, his father's mentor; and Rabbi Avraham Ber of Avrutch, author of Bas Ayin, whom his father had never met but whose sefer his father studied. He had two older brothers: Leibush, the eldest, was a Talmid Chacham and merchant, and Hirsch Mayer, who succeeded their father as Rav of Radomsk.

As a youth, Rabinowicz studied many hours with his father, who taught him his derech (approach) in Shas, Poskim, and Kabbalah. In his teens he learned under Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchak of Plavna.Rabinowicz was 23 years old when his father died. Initially he refused to succeed him as Rebbe, but eventually he did assume the mantle of leadership, leading the Radomsker Hasidim for 26 years until his death.

Among the pressing issues which he dealt with during this period was the forced conscription of young Jewish men to the army, which was rife with antisemitism. The Rebbe headed a committee established by his father, the Tiferes Shlomo, which raised money to ransom new recruits. Rabinowicz was a great Torah scholar and was also known for his refined and modest bearing. Like his father, he was musically-gifted and had a beautiful singing voice. After he became Rebbe, he attracted many Hasidim from Poland and Galicia, including prominent rabbis and rosh yeshivas.


Rabinowicz married the daughter of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Landeberg and had five sons and four daughters. His sons were: Moshe Elimelech, who died in his lifetime; Yechezkel (1862–1910), who succeeded him as Radomsker Rebbe; Shlomo, a businessman; Nosson Nachum, Rav of Krimilow, and Yaakov Yosef (1873–1902), Rav of the towns of Breznitza and Klobitz. His sons-in-law were Rabbi Menachem Mendel, son of the Sfas Emes of Ger and Rav of Pabianice; Rabbi Mendel of Otwock, a grandson of Rabbi Yitzchak of Vorka; Mottel Blas, a Radomsker Hasid and businessman; and Rabbi Abraham of Amshinov.

Death and legacy

Rabinowicz, who suffered from diabetes, died in Radomsk on September 5, 1892 (13 Elul 5652) and was buried next to his father, the Tiferes Shlomo, in the ohel in Radomsk. His second son and successor, Yechezkel, was also diabetic and also died at age 48. His grandson, Shlomo Chanoch Hakohen Rabinowicz, was similarly affected, but as insulin was invented in 1921, did not die of diabetes; he was murdered by the Nazis in an aktion in the Warsaw Ghetto at the age of 60.

Rabinowicz's Torah teachings were compiled under the title Chesed L'Avraham, published in Piotrkow in 1893.

May the merit of the tzadik Rabbi Avraham Yissachar Dov Hakohen Rabinowicz protect us all. Amen

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