The energy of the Hebrew Nikkud

Parashat Haman – פרשת המן
Draw light of sustenance

Shema Israel (Study Video)

Paying Intention; Episode 7; Source of Gratitude

  • Lea

    Zion shalom,
    congratulations for the upgrade!

    Lots of Light to all,

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  • Meir

    I noticed that in this video it showed to learn more to visit I checked the website and noticed that there are lessons by Michael Berg, whom which I was told by a big Posek, that Michael Berg is in “herem” for not following the proper guidelines of Kabbalah teaching????

    • Dear Meir, Who ever put on his a bad word against another person is saying “Lashon Hara” and therefore his is considered as a killer and “Shofech Damim”

      I expanded the DailyZohar with a system (Under Development) where people can learn from everyone. Each kabbalah teacher have a different way but they are all going in the same direction.

      Be the judge and listen to the different teacher and choose your own teacher. “Asei Lecha Rav”.
      We do not have to like or follow a specific teacher but we should never say something bad about the others just to make our self good.
      My teacher is good for me, your teacher is good for you. They are all have the love of God and wish to bring more people to make a better connection in their ways.

      With Love, Zion

      • Thank you Zion
        yes …
        Who judges
        attract judgment
        Judgments belongs to the Lord

      • Thank you so much for your above take on the great teachers at the Kabbalah center my life is change with the tools of the center and never have I heard a negative word about any other organisationin the ten years with the center.I am so gratefull You and the center are on the right track.I spend my time deflecting negative words from other kabbbalah,religous organisation.What you said above is exactly the words I learnt from the Bergs It is like Murder so I am so careful not to listen to negative words about this amazing organisation my Home.Thanks Zion I am in good company

  • Meir

    You are 100% right about talking bad about others.  But according to the Halacha, it is not lashon hara to warn someone about a non kosher person.  Just because someone has a different outlook in teaching, doesn’t make him a bad person.  But the Torah already warned us not to follow our heart and opinions but to stick with the opinion of the Torah.  What can we do if a good person breaks Halacha?  Simply we cannot accept him as a Rav. To the contrary consider them as a kofer baTorah.  At the same time must rebuke our fellow brothers to follow our ancient tradition according to the chachamim of am yisrael.

    With love,

    • Mier This is not on. The center is very Kosher.Hashem the Light is a loving creator and we are not judges.a million plus people worldwide including me are better people because of the Kabbalah center we are all looking to be connected to the light and have been taught exactly what Zion stated in response to you.judging others creates chaos in this world and our own life and those of us who have to listen to..So I ask you to stop Now I will defend the center as I know the teaching and never ever speak negatively about other teachings.Mier the bergs are the real thing so arret now I will not have it

      • Yolanda, Meir is asking questions and share what he heard from others. He doesn’t say Lashon hara. This is okay to open up doubts in a forum like the Daily Zohar because this is the place where there is no judgment and with love and unity we can help everyone understands the true aspect of Kabbalah and spirituality.

        Unfortunately there are elements in the ultra orthodox community that doesn’t like the situation that many people even from their own community find the teaching of Kabbalah by the Kabbalah centre, Bnei Baruch or others to be ‘Kosher’.
        The negative side use religiosity reasons to spread separation and hatred for no reasons. It is true that the popular kabbalah organizations doesn’t check if a person is wearing a tzizit or not before accepting a person into their classrooms of community.
        This annoys the religious people that can not believe that a person can be 100% with the light even with less than that following the laws of the Torah.

        The Two Holy Temples destroyed because of hatred for no reason and as we get closed to the Third Temple (That is ready for us) the forces of The Snake pushing forward to create more separation between the people. It gets worst in Israel when the fanatics create a greater reap between religious and secular people.

        The Holy Ari teaches us that every word creates an angel. Evil speak create many negative angels that blocks the path to the Final Redemption.

        • Thanks Zion

        • thank you Zion
          this is very important
          you write about this ….

          as Karen Berg says
          if people would pay the same attention
          to what go out of they mouth ( lashon)
          that what go in their mouth
          we would be ” kosher ”

          so many people do lashon a raa
          or judgment from religeous side
          instead paying attention
          to be with the Light

          shavaouah tov

  • daliah

    Hi to everyone
    I never read anything or watched anything by Michael Berg or Karen Berg and their Kabbalah Center.
    But I have been to the Kabbalah center in London once this was about 8-9 years ago and it wasn’t ‘my cup of tea’.
    I believe though you can learn from everybody if you give them a chance and listen. But I wouldn’t ‘buy’ like holy water, red band etc….

    Love and blessing


  • i was told my rav laitman that red strings and holy water is not from the athentic kabbalah and that his lineage comes from the beginning down to rabbash. many of his teachings
    are from rabbash and his social readings. like all of the above posts i am looking for the truth. how can teachers be so different in their teachings and both be from the zohar
    pure lineage i have listened to the bergs also and like them also, wut when i hear that it is a money making organization i have to wonder where the truth lies. i have been involved with bb for 3 years and have had free classes and laitmans daily classes freeof charge
    his belief is that no money should be asked for in the kabbalah teaching. we only want to find the truth. thank you for taking the time to read this post

    • Sharon O

      Hi Prema,

      I’d like to offer my response to you because I have been involved with both Kabbalah organizations that you speak of/allude to.

      Firstly, the one that charges people to study Kabbalah, must be avoided. The simple fact of the matter is that, they are placing too much value on money.

      There must be no intention with regard to the teaching of Kabbalah other than to share the Light unconditionally. If one is to teach others how to have unconditional love, one must therefore have the essence of it within them as well, meaning that they must be unconditional towards others, too.

      That is not possible when one teaches Kabbalah in return for money.

      There are many things that could go wrong. The student, feeling that they need to keep learning the wisdom, that they would be “lost” without its knowledge, would have no choice but to keep paying money in return for something that is meant to save their life.

      This is not a moral thing to do to anyone.

      The other thing that could go wrong, is that the organization will start to place more value and interest on the money that they get for holding the wisdom of Kabbalah to ransom, which is in effect what they’re doing. Then they only care about money. What does Kabbalah and The Zohar and The Torah all warn us about? Not to build for ourselves a golden calf, or a false idol.

      Once someone or an organization starts caring more about making money, lots of money, creating a business empire of massive proportions -- I can guarantee you that they no longer care about the person, only the money that they can get FROM that person.

      Money, has become their Golden Calf, their false idol.

      If one has any doubt about the true intention of the organization -- which is actually a CULT, because it uses mind-control in this case manipulating the teachings of Kabbalah and the Zohar to manipulate and deceive others to believe that they’re the only ones who can teach authentic Kabbalah and the only ones who can connect them to the Light.

      If one has any doubt about their true intentions, one should simply open one’s eyes and see for themselves how much money this corporation amasses from their many centres around the world, how much money they charge each of their students, how much they get them to tithe and donate, and how many rich celebrities they’ve also duped into handing over millions and millions of dollars.

      You mentioned red strings and holy water. People are told that they need to wear red string ALL THE TIME if they want to ward off evil. Each red string costs $30 USD. They last for 3 months. How much money do you suppose they can earn from that?

      With regard to their “holy water,” yes it’s true they sell water that that they claim can heal people. And no, it’s not for free. It actually costs a pretty penny as well. It’s been blessed you know! How much money do you suppose sick people are willing to pay to get a hold of such miraculous water?

      They’re now doing “energy tours” in Israel that cost students thousands of dollars, this is an extra thing to the thousands that they charge people to attend their international events.

      Add to that the fact that the organization is a tax-free one due to being recognized as a charity, and we’re talking an astoundingly mind-boggling amount of money.

      Now, this is where they’ll tell you that having money is not a crime.

      Well, actually maybe not in the 99%. But in spirituality, it is. It is a sin to want money for the sake of themselves alone.

      So now we need to ask ourselves, is this money being received in order to share? Is it going out to help others? Perhaps they’re raising all this money in order that they may “share the Light,” share Kabbalah to the world, and build schools to teach children Kabbalah?

      Well then, it’s time to really look into that, isn’t it? How many schools have in fact been built? Or in fact, is the opposite the truth. That instead of building schools, they go back on their promises to build schools, leaving the poorest, most destitute children without the millions that was raised for them and promised to them, for instance?

      Isn’t it a fact as well that their closest workers/teachers work for them for free? Because they too only wish to connect to the Light, so they don’t receive any money in return.

      With all that money that they’re amassing, surely there should be a centre in every city in the world, a school in every city, teachers and students everywhere. Not simply 24 centres around the world.

      But you see, being a tax-free organization doesn’t require them to lodge financial statements to the IRS, and so they don’t need to be held accountable for how they spend their money.

      For a place that is hell-bent on teaching its students that they need to stop receiving, they are surely doing a heck of a lot of receiving themselves.

      They are the only ones who truly know how much they’ve received and how much they’ve spent on “sharing the Light” with the world.

      So what I’m saying is Prema, that your instincts are correct.

      Although the Kabbalah Centre may be teaching some good wisdom, the Vilna Gaon himself warns us to ignore the good works of the impure ones, because the root of their intention is impure, and therefore will lead us to impurity.

      I found Live Kabbalah to be a good source of free information on weekly Zohar studies, holidays, new moons/rosh chodesh, and other important Kabbalistic knowledge and events. I believe that it charges for certain types of classes, but I haven’t partaken of their paid classes, the free ones have been sufficient for me.

      If I want to donate money to Live Kabbalah, I do so voluntarily and to help them as well in return for all the unconditional wisdom that they provide.

      I’m not forced to hand over money in return for the wisdom. And that’s the way it should be.

      As to Bnei Baruch, they are good in that they teach people to unite with each other, but I feel that their teaching is lacking in many ways. In order to truly be one with the wisdom of Kabbalah, one needs to observe holidays, perform mitzvot, precepts of the Torah, scan the Zohar and study it as much as possible. Bnei Baruch doesn’t really advocate for this, and I feel that it’s a shame, as they are teaching for free.

      However I feel what they teach is not authentic Kabbalah, even though it’s free.
      (I’m sorry to tell you this).

      So it’s to me a G-d send for Zion to have a Daily Zohar site where he teaches Zohar wisdom unconditionally and for free to everyone who wishes to learn, not just to people who have the money to do it. His Unity Zohar site is also amazing.

      Tell me, if that organization that charges people was truly sincere about sharing the Zohar, how come they don’t have sites that are similar to what Zion has created? Zion is a one-man show too, he does everything for these sites and his other projects, despite the fact that he has full-time work to earn his livelihood. Why couldn’t such a large organization with all the money and resources provide a free Zohar site?

      Because it doesn’t make any money, perhaps?

      A righteous teacher will be happy simply in the knowledge that they’re spreading and sharing the Light of Kabbalah and the Zohar to the world, and this causes them to be one with the Light. This is the true reward, and if one has experienced it, will know that to corrupt oneself which might create the possibility heaven forbid of not being one with the Light through that corruption, will stay away and avoid any possibility at all of being corrupted whatsoever.

      The false deceivers, however, will have nothing to do with any enterprise that doesn’t give them massive amounts of return and self-benefit. Because that is what they’re happy with, the material pleasures of the physical world. They have no desire for oneness with the Light. If you read the Vilna Gaon’s writings further, you will see:

      Unfortunately, because they’re also a CULT, they would have made sure to brainwash their victims/students into believing that they’re righteous. The brainwashed are those that refuse to see the truth in black and white even if’s staring at them in the face, I’m afraid. That’s the nature of cult victims. So they’ll defend the deceivers, choosing to ignore all the huge signs that are flashing at them in neon coloured lights, that their organization is a Golden-Calf worshipper. And this is why, the organization gets away with it. Because its own members and students, refuse to accept and admit the truth.

      It’s too painful for them. But what they don’t see is that by choosing to stay in the darkness, they’re in effect helping the deceivers to flourish. And spread its lies and take in more helpless victims with their powerful blend of Kabbalah and mind-control. That’s a combination that’s incredibly hard to beat!

      Unless one is truly pure in their heart of being one with the Creator, they will be willing to face up to any unpleasant truth and difficult fact, because if they truly believed in the Light and had faith, they know that the Light will always be there as long as they’re true.

      For more information about cults, check out this site:

      As for lashon hara, it’s a sin to not speak lashon hara if the intention is to warn others of danger to their lives, financial loss, health and well-being, according to the Jewish laws by

      Mine is a warning to help others to not be used and controlled and lied to and manipulated, and have all of their material worth taken from them. This is a good instance to speak “lashon hara”.

      I’m not drilling a hole in the boat, I’m trying to save others from DROWNING.

      Some people will speak negatively about the Kabbalah organizations because they don’t believe in Kabbalah or the Zohar, and I’m not one of those people. I believe that Kabbalah and the Zohar are here to save us! They are our only hope against anything. So I’m not coming from that place either.

      So Prema, I commend you for how you’ve been studying so far. I hope that my answer has gone to some extent to help you with your question. I also want to wish you the best of everything. I suggest you check out Live Kabbalah if you want to know more about Lurianic and Sulam Kabbalah here:

      And please do Unity Zohar and study Daily Zohar everyday. The Zohar will protect you always, as it did me!

      If you wish to get in touch with me privately, my email address is This offer extends to anyone who wishes to know more about my experiences, or about anything in general! I love people, this is why I do what I do.

      Thank you Zion for allowing me to post my comments, and for everything that you do. May you be blessed always.

      Love, Light and Blessings to all,

      • shalom to all, the important thing is for those that seek, to find their own path to the creator/the light (call it what you will), in whichever way is right for each individual. Due to our own tikkun processes, we may be more drawn to one teaching or another, to one teacher or another…
        On the question of paying for studies: is there not a thought pattern that says that maybe we do not value something if there is not an exchange…? be it financial or otherwise?

        I was told that even some of the tazaddikim and kabbalists from the 20th century, as well as centuries before, would ask their students to pay for the knowledge, otherwise the taste and fulll understanding would be lacking.
        When I give treatments/counselling etc I have been asked for “freebies” that people could not “afford” to pay…. however many would say that they went to the pub a couple of times a week and spent $20 to $40 on that… or smoking!
        Tithing IS IMPORTANT, and zion does say to give and spread your donations amongst teachers, websites, organisations etc.

        Some places may ask for money in a more “open” or “aggresive” way: and it is up to each of us to find the strength and wisdom (chocmah and gevurah eh!!!) to balance what we give and find joy in the learning process!

        And if some organisations have more money tucked away than others, that is their tikkun…
        I try and see the light in everything and everywhere, and everyone….

        TODA ZION for your teachings and the daily zohar and oh so much more!
        TODA too to the kabbalah center for bringing awareness of kabbalah to many people all over the world (including many who go on to find other teachers), and for the warmth of their shabbat and other chagim if one can get to a center -- for which there is no charge.
        TODA too to livekabbalah for energising teachings….
        the list goes on….. including but not limited to the chabad website with a lot of audio and video on kabbalah….
        AND toda to hashem for bringing the internet into being for us to learn and explore and expand!!!!!
        x m

  • doris

    All the work that yo do for us, have so much love involved, I thank you for all your effort that you put on everything, but the most beautiful is to know that comes from your love for us. thank you for worrying for us, and wanting that we reach the LIGHT of our LORD,


  • Lea

    A while ago Zion released on the website of DZ another valuable tool to all who are interested in learning more about the Torah by the vision of Kabbalah (enjoy, it is worthwhile):

  • prema dimauro

    since my original post and questions i had i have removed myself from bb
    i have seen too many actions that do not seem loving to me. i would have to write
    a book to explain all to you. i have seen the rav getting very involved in american politics and telling americans to vote for romney.
    i have seen people being shunned for asking to many questions that they do want to answer. when you ask questions about any other group or teachings they refuse to answer. one can only cross the macshom , spirituality within the friends in the group. the love ov friends and family have nothing to do with sprituality. you cannot improve yourself in the material world until you cross the barrier.
    i do not think any other kab teachings speak of a machsom

    • prema dimauro

      a wonderful friend of bb took his life. this was kept from the other friends.
      i asked everyone going up the ladder to mike kellogg to mention this in class
      and have al least a moment of silence in respect to this student and instructor
      the answer i got from kellogg that what he speaks of in his class in strictly spiritual and this was not a spiritual topic but a material topic
      i could go on and on and on. i hope i have expressed some of the reason i am no longer a student of bb . i truly do not believe that revealing something that could harm someones spiritual path is not wrong in any way.
      i am not the best in explaining myself but i hope you got the gist of what i am trying to convey.
      if you have any questions pls post them. i will do my best to answer them with love inmy heart for students looking for the true path

      • Lea

        Often it takes a while to find the teacher with whom we can identify, whether the subject Kabbalah/קבלה or any other.
        Hopefully you will soon find the teacher or group suitable for you, because the study of Kabbalah and the Zohar is a great source of Light, meaning clarification regarding Life.

        Shavua tov!

      • People come to spirituality and the Zohar especially when they experience significant lack in their lives. Poor people come to get more mercy and benefits from God, Rich people want to be ‘friend’ with God and protect what they have. Sick people seek health, lonely people seek company and to cry on the ‘shoulder’ of God. 80% comes with personal agenda and 20% develop true love and adopting the ways of the Tikkun process to better their souls.

        Many have great hopes and expect their teachers to lead them out of their situation, giving them their money, time and sometimes their soul. When they come with agenda and don;t get answers they may feel loss of all hopes and that could drive a person to extreme action(s).

        The problem with organized Kabbalah is that they all connect on the Malchut level and form a dependency on money and relationship with the people that comes to them. The unity breaks because each member support (or not) the group in different level. The rich will always get front row and more time with their teacher while the others are ‘circling’ around trying to get closer and gain a better status in the group.

        The Daily Zohar is not an organization because organization by definition is separation and its not the way of the Light. My goal and hope is to connect all students of Kabbalah in one consciousness with one Leader above (YHVH) and one Leader below that is the Torah and the Zohar as the tool that reveals the Light concealed in the Torah. I believe that people should find a community where they can find support in spiritual growth. In addition to that connect with unconditional unity to everyone else through the Zohar study. That is why we have the Daily Zohar and

        Kabbalah organizations preach unity and caring for all humanity BUT at the same time they will tell you “Don’t get involve with the other group(s)!” their method are not ‘true’ Kabbalah or whatever… They will meditate for the entire world but they won’t come together in unity as one group. (Because there is power and personal agenda for each group)

        The only way to achieve true unity is beyond organizational form. is open to all for free with a sequential study of the Zohar paragraph by paragraph. No ‘cherry picking’ to fit the leader’s wish. We study directly from Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Ashlag and other great Kabbalists. All students of the Daily Zohar around the world see, hear and study the same Zohar text. is a unique system to read the Entire Zohar in continuous cycles. Everyone that is part of the any reading cycle merit the value of reading the entire Zohar.

        Think about this and spread the idea to everyone you know. Everyone gets the front row seat here.
        With love to all. Zion

        • Lea

          Very well placed words, dear Zion, hopefully this issue now becomes well clarified; anyway, those really and sincerely interested in learning and understanding the Torah treasure through the Kabbalah and the Zohar can always count on your help and guidance, beyond the good willingness to share that all who attend the DZ have.

          Plus, as you already posted above there in this same page, on March 4, 2012:
          “Be the judge and listen to the different teacher and choose your own teacher. “Asei Lecha Rav”.
          We do not have to like or follow a specific teacher but we should never say something bad about the others just to make our self good.
          My teacher is good for me, your teacher is good for you. They are all have the love of God and wish to bring more people to make a better connection in their ways.”

          Love is all we need!…

  • doris alexander

    I am so thankful with Hashem and with you Zion, because you have make me to look inside my self, and just to put my eyes on me, not judging anyone or expecting anything from anyone, I have to work on my self, learn through DZ to depend only on Hashem and your teachings and even when I am not a jewish I feel like one of you, and respect everything you teach us and appreciate your time and effort that you put in all your work, I just can’t imagine how you do to have the time, to do all what you do for us, and my answer is the love you have for Hashem, so I know that as long as I stay in here on DZ I am Bless.
    thank you Zion.

  • Bracha

    I just returned from a kabbalah center event in NY.
    It cost $30. This was nothing compared to what I received.
    It was amazing Shavuot All Night connection. Priceless. Unity.

    The Kabbalah Centre talks about ‘bread of shame,’ and earning. The teacher of a class there says, what u pay to enter this class is nothing. It will not even pay to keep the lights on at the high rent location in central Manhattan, really a wonderfully central location. He affirms, “They charge only to remove bread of shame.”

    I also learned you cannot learn true Kabbalah yourself. You need a teacher. It is a lineage. Rav Ashlag founded the Kabbalah Centre . If anyone, is to say something negative of Michael Berg, they have not had the merit to see him pray.

    Even watching a 1.5 minute youtube video he gave where I under stood so little, I felt his gaze cut through my soul. It was as if he was literally right in front of me talking only to me.

    The basics is: “Don’t speak Lashon Hara.” See for yourself how you feel.

    We should not criticize. I recently learned from a class teacher of the kabblah center a quick story of Karen Berg. It was a huge multi national holiday. Someone came to complain to Karen they didn’t get seated where they wanted. She took a huge seating book and gave it to the complainer and said, “Here, Can you do a better job? We have few thousand people coming tomorrow night too.” Why did she say this? Not out of spite or to be mean. But to literally say, Here if you can do a better job now : This is what we have on the agenda: Do it.

    I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THE CONNECTION TO THE LIGHT THE RAV & KAREN Brought to us. The LIGHT brought the Beautiful teachings ~ through them: RAv Ashlag -- to -- Rav Bradewin -- to the Rav, all the way from Abraham Aveinu, to us. For me, to have a place BAH my soul could sing, I am ever greatful.

    I am thankful for the connection. Karen has now made the first class POWER OF KABBALAH 1 a $50 INVESTMENT. That means ten classes @ $5 each!! What r they in it for your money!? So, in the long haul they will make money from your classes, u can get at a 30% off discount when u register shortly in advance, … It doesn’t make sense.

    Ur spiritual opponent will tell u you can learn without a teacher.
    Reading the Zohar, WONDERFUL TO DO ANYTIME ANYWERE, of course, I learned from Kabbalah Center Teacher, BUT TO INTELLECTUALLY STUDY THE MEANING U NEED A TEACHER. Guess what, the Kabbalah Center offers you a direct one on one teacher FOR FREE!!! After you spend your FIVE DOLLARS for lifetimes of wisdom you will enter a second class and pay slightly more per class where you will get a one on one teacher available to you.

    The problem is as people study… they do not always take advantage of what’s at their fingertips and study or meet their teacher too often for their FREE TEACHER MEETINGS!

    Cleanse your money. Give money to DAILY ZOHAR, especially if that’s where your Spiritual Blessings come from. Give %, what we r going to give a percent to the Light when the Light gives us everything. Of course, give your 10% tithing. Can you give more? How’s your spiritual scale? R u looking at someone else’s spiritual scale bc u yourself need to be looked at.
    Clean your money… Receive only form the LIGHT, ~ not the opponent the Light created to challenge us. If you receive form the opponent, their will be a payday. WE owe, most of us, meaning UNLESS WE R 100% Giving Sharing Person, which we r not. WE OWE.
    Give 11%, 12%… maybe our own spiritual balance sheets will come in order.
    TITHING Give here, Give to unity Zohar. Give to where u spiritually drink from.

    Baruk Hashem for the UNITY ZOHAR PROJECT, DAILY ZOHAR, and for Zion’s Teaching. If you ask him, I’m sure he will tell you he did not learn staring at a computer screen or interpreting the Zohar on his own. He had the merit of some sort of teacher. And I have no idea his background as I’m writing this. You are learning, as you read the words he publishes, from him, from the LIGHT, through his t e a c h e r s up to RABBI SHIMON BAR YOCHAI himself.
    It is humbling to him to say so… if u r familiar with Kabbalah studies . . . we must constantly allow ourselves to be humbled however hard it is… I’ve personally went through such humbling experiences.


    Thank you G- d for this program on the internet & wonderful web sources.
    I wish there was a button I could press and have the Zohar playing constantly in my home.

    Chag Samaech.

    What I’m sharing is only based on my current understanding.
    If it broke something in you -- great! (broke a negative)

    • Yochannan

      Grateful Bracha for your deep expression and sharing your thoughts and merits from the KC event.

  • David “Alberto” Sáenz

    Multimedia, I like it !!! thnx

    • More study videos will come in the coming months.

      • David “Alberto” Sáenz

        Excellent !!! 🙂 thnx

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