Zohar -72 – “The Secret” of the two dots of creation

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -72.

The two sparks of light of the letter צ, Tzadi, are the two dots of Tzerei (two horizontal dots under the letter). Their root is in Israel Saba and Tevunah, which are the lights that flow to Chokmah and Binah from Keter. This is represented by the shape of the letter Tzadi צ that is built from two heads, the Letter Yod י and the bent forward letter Nun נ.
The eyes are like the Tzerei, at the level of Chokmah and this level radiates from the person’s eyes.
Looking into a person’s eyes make a connection to his spiritual level and find how deep he is.

Eyes conection is not recommended as a regular exercise. It may cause hi level connection or disconnection. It is like connecting two power of an electrical circuit. If both are on the same “circuit” it can be “positive” channeling of creative energy and if not it could create “short circuit” and burn the connected elements.
Evil eyes could drain you energy and create long term damage so don’t take risks. Better not look deep into a persons eyes until you feel positive around him.

The eyes may look passive but it is the driving force of creation.
The word Tzerei צרי has the same letters of יצר (יצירה, create, formed).
Manifestation power in Malchut depend on the level of connection to Chokmah. Whatever you are able to see in your mind you can manifest. That is the secret of Tzerei and “The Secret” of transforming your vision to reality.

מקור הקטע: הקדמת תיקוני הזוהר עם פרוש מעלות הסולם (רבי יהודה צבי ברנדויין זל) פסקה 358

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6 Responses to Zohar -72 – “The Secret” of the two dots of creation

  1. avatar VirginiaMary says:

    Dear Zion;
    I must develope this section. The only vision given to me has not become reality. Yet I trust, believe, hope,& continue to pray.
    Is the adversary able to block the trasnformation?
    If the adversary is able to block ; does the adversary need permission? As in the book of “Job”.

  2. avatar Zion says:

    If a person stay with his vision it can take up to 22 years.
    The flaw in the book “The Secret” is that they do not see and explain the whole system. Millions of people read the book, millions tried to apply “The Secret” to their lives and after a short time they give up the vision or revisit it once every so often especially January first, which is the day of visions.
    You asked
    “Is the adversary able to block the trasnformation?”
    Absolutely. Genesis 3:14,15. He is always there to distract us and take us away from the path. No permission needed because he is part of us. No matter wehre you go, he is there.

    Connection to Chokmah (Zohar) will keep a person on his path and vision and when he complete the process the vision will manifest.

    Look around you, everything except nature is man made. We are in this world to create and we need to know the real secret of “The Secret”.

  3. avatar VirginiaMary says:

    Dear Zion;
    I am stubborn & loyal. I will stick with it.

  4. avatar Judith says:

    Sorry it’s taken me a little time to process this message. I called upon the One who holds the 7 branches of the menorah and after a period of time I was shown signs in a dream. In the dream I saw 3 pillars likened to tourmaline descending out of the heavens hovering over the earth. The first pillar in the middle of the heavens appeared like a black column opening up into the deep unconscious levels of elemental earth. It hovered over the 2 columns below it as a form of protection. The second pillar was likened to a rosy pink tourmaline having the properties of healing grief and sadness. The third pillar appeared like an emerald green tourmaline wand soothing the heart of the earth. That is all that I know and that is all that I was shown. This is one of the Ways in which HE speaks to me. May this information be a blessing to each one of you. Love & Light, Judith

    • avatar Zion Nefesh says:

      Traumatic experience in the past brought for you a protection from above. Your soul will enjoy great peace and love from the Light.

      • avatar Judith says:

        Yes, Zion you have analyzed this correctly! The trauma of the past is in the past and has brought fruition into my life and the lives of others. It has been a blessing though at the time I wouldn’t have believed that. but I know better! Thanks be to L-RD of Heaven and Earth! And thank you too! Love and Light,

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