Unity Zohar The 72 names of light
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About the 72 names game

The 72 names are as the Zohar explains, bridges that connect the light from Zeir Anpin to Malchut. The Zohar (Vayera #282) reveals that man was created with 248 body parts that represent the 216 letters of the 72 names and 32 paths of wisdom formed in the process of Creation.

The purpose of this game is to help you memorize the entire sacred 72 names in their correct position. Having these bridges of Light in our mind would open and expand our vessels for great light that would improve many aspects of our lives. It’s not just an enjoyable game, It’s a spiritual connection made each time we place a name in its position.

We designed the levels of the game in a way that will make it easy for us to memorize the entire chart. The time you spend on this game is pure light.

Since this game show holy names, please be properly dressed before you play with it.

The development of this app cost us significant amount of money. The app stores collect 30% fee from every purchase. This is not like a common game on the app stores and we need your help to promote it among students of Kabbalah. We need to make many sales to break even and B”H also some profits to invest in new apps and wonderful DZ projects.

We provide greater spiritual tools to connect many thousands around the world. Please consider making donations on DailyZohar.com to support new projects. We have many great ideas and with a budget, we can produce more for free or for low price.

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Unity Zohar The 72 names of light
Android app on Google Play