Unity Zohar The 72 names of light
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Full description with images and video can be found on https://DailyZohar.com/72names/

The 72 names game is a memory game to help you remember the 72 names chart and the position of each name. Even without scientific data, I believe that this special game could improve memory of the player because each name is a name of Light.

The purpose of the game is to place the names in their correct positions as fast as possible. You may be slow at the beginning but as you continue with the game, you will increase your memory and speed.

The 6 levels were designed to help you memorize the entire chart gradually.

Level 1 is memorizing the names from #1 to #24
Level 2 #25 to #48
Level 3 #1 - #48 (combining level 1 and 2)
Level 4 #49 to #72
Level 5 #25 to #72
Level 6 #1 to #72 (The entire chart)

On the website https://DailyZohar.com/72names/pdfs you will find a pdf with printable charts for all levels to study and have while playing the 72 names memory game.

Start at level 1 until you master it then move to the next level.


Level 1 is memorizing the names from #1 to #24

How to play game mode 1

At the bottom of the screen you see one of the 72 names, randomly selected from the name pool of that level. Locate the position for that name and tap on it. If you place it correctly then the name becomes 'fixed' on the chart and a new name will be shown at the bottom.

You may hit the ‘Hint’ button to get the correct place for the current name. The correct location would be highlighted. You may also use the ‘Skip’ button to go to the next name and reduce the number of incorrect movesof hints that reduce your score. There's no limit to teh number of hints you can use.

Same methods for all teh other levels.


How to play game mode 2

The entire chart of the selected level displayed randomly on the board. Select any of the names and tap on it to drag and drop it into its correct position. Once placed correctly it will stay unmovable in its place.

You may hit the ‘Hint’ button to get the correct place for the current name.

The ‘Skip’ button isn’t functional in this game mode.