Mezuzah order form

Price for each Mezuzah is $120. Shipping cost is added to the final price. US priority mail is $8 per order. International mailing cost would be about $20 to $35 depending on destinations.
IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! If accepted, the Mezuzah for non-Jew person/home would be the same but the YHVH name will have only one letter ה for the YHVH name in the Shema Israel that in the Mezuzah. It still has a great protection value because of the process and consciousness that go into writing the Mezuzah. According to the spiritual laws of the Torah, if a Mezuzah is sold/given to a non-Jew then the responsibility of its use is on the vendor. A Jew that makes the purchase has the responsibility to use the Mezuzah properly.
Please add the name of Mother, Father (Ex. Avraham ben Sarah)

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