How to Connect to the Zohar

To know the Zohar is to embrace it with love and care. And, connecting to its wisdom in the proper way generates the same level of intensity experienced during the intimate connection of male and female energies. More so, when one is open and receptive, one will find that every word, every page actually radiates spiritual energy.

The Zohar was written during times of high spiritual connections. All the spiritual dimensions opened when the discussions and studies mentioned in the Zohar took place. It’s because of that phenomenon that spiritual energy is fully encapsulated by the words. It was also written in the presence of great souls that dwelled in the living and spiritual realms. The souls of Moses and Elijah the Prophet were two souls that both visited and taught Rabbi Shimon, his son Rabbi Elazar, and Rabbi Shimon’s group of students. Due to the presence of Moses, Elijah, and other righteous souls, that the Zohar achieved the spiritual level known as Da’at, the realm above the material world.

Regardless of whether we’re able to understand the text, it’s the ability to scan or read the Zohar that helps us to connect to it. The eyes are the most elevated sensory organ, and therefore the most spiritual. On the other hand, the senses of touch, taste, hearing, and smell connect us to physicality. Therefore, when we use our eyes, we connect our own spiritual level of Chokmah to the Zohar’s level of Da’at. As a result, the light that radiates from the Zohar creates a protection shield for us.

And, then there’s the concept of affinity. If one wants to understand water, one must become like the water. This may sound strange, but it’s true: to fully understand the essence of something, one has to get as close as possible. I am reminded of the advice I received from my teacher when I was looking to get married. He simply said, “If you want to find the right woman, you have to be the right man.”

The same principle applies to the study of the Zohar–we must embrace its essence before we can dwell in its protection.

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