Binyamin ben Yaakov Avinu

Binyamin (Benjamin) was the Son of Jacob the Patriarch and Rachel the Matriarch. He is the founder of one of the 12 Tribes.

Born: Eretz Yisrael,, 1554 b.c.e.
Died: Egypt, 1443 b.c.e.

Binyamin ben Yaakov Avinu 

Born: Eretz Yisrael, 1554 BCE.

Died: Egypt, 1443 BCE.                                                                     

Binyamin (Benjamin) was the Son of Jacob the Patriarch and Rachel the Matriarch. He is the founder of one of the 12 Tribes.

Binyamin's mother Rachel, passed away while giving birth to him. Binyamin was born on the 11th of Cheshvan and also died on the 11th of Cheshvan, at the age of 111.

All the [founders of the] Tribes were born on foreign soil except for Binyamin, who was born in the Land of Israel.

With each son of Jacob a twin sister was born. An extra twin [i.e. triplet] sister was born with Binyamin (Bereshit Rabbah 82:8).  

Joseph was worthy of begetting twelve sons...he begot only two; the other ten were begotten by his brother Binyamin, and were all named for him [Joseph] (Sota 36b).

Four died because of the counsel of the serpent [and not because of their own sins]: Binyamin son of Jacob...(Shabbat 55b).

The worms had no power over seven people [i.e., their bodies did not compose]...Moshe, Aaron, and Miriam...and Binyamin son of Yaacov (Bava Batra 17a). 

Binyamin was buried in Jerusalem opposite the Jebusite [city], which was given as an inheritance to the children to the children of Binyamin (Sefer HaYashar, end of Yehoshua).

Nine entered the Garden of Eden in their lifetimes: Binyamin son of Jacob...(Pirkei Rabbeinu HaKadosh, ed. Greenhut, Likuttim 3).

Binyamin, who did not participate in the sale of Yosef, attained the mountain which God has desired for his abode (Psalms 68:17); [that is he merited to have the Holy Temple built in his portion] (Bereshit Rabbah 99:1).

A strip [of land] jutted out of the portion of Judah and entered the portion of Binyamin. On this [piece of land] the altar was built. [Foreseeing this,] the righteous Binyamin agonized over it every day [and wished to] devour it [incorporate it into his portion], as it is written, Of Binyamin he said..."He hovered over it all day" (Deuteronomy 33:12). Therefore, Binyamin merited to become the host of the Divine Presence [by having the Ark in his portion] (Megillah 26a).

Who has no slander on his tongue (Psalms 15:3). This is Binyamin son of Jacob, who knew about the sale of Yosef but did not reveal it to his father (Shocher Tov 16:6).

When Yosef HaTzaddik was sold to Egypt, his righteous brother Binyamin took his [spiritual] place, lest be missing (Zohar 1:259a). 

He fell upon his brother Binyamin's neck [lit., necks] and wept (Genesis 45:14). How many necks did Binyamin have? Said R' Eliezer: He wept over the two Temples that were destined to stand in the portion of Binyamin and to be destroyed (Megillah 16b).

May the merit of the tzaddik Binyamin ben Yaakov Avinu   protect us all, Amen.

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