Rabbi Meir of Permishlian

Rabbi Meir of Permishlian (1780 (1783) - May 11, 1850) was one of the great leaders of Chassidism and of great exemplary Hasidic leaders, and a grandson of Rabbi Meir of Permishlan who was among the students of Habaal Hashem Tov

Born: Peremyshliany Ukraine 1780-1783
Died: Peremyshliany,Ukraine, 1850

Rabbi Meir of Permishlian (1780 (1783) - May 11, 1850) was one of the great leaders of Chassidism and of great exemplary Hasidic leaders, and a grandson of Rabbi Meir of Permishlan who was among the students of Habaal Hashem Tov


Born to Rabbi Aharon Arie Leib, son of Rabbi Meir the Great of Permishlan, and Linta. From his youth, he was much involved in the charity and concern for the poor. He was nicknamed "R. Meirel" for the rest of his life.

After his father's death in the year 5573, he took his place in the Hasidic leadership.

Became known as Pashtan and his poor, and with charity and support for those in need. Also known for the special love of Israel and the teaching of its defense even to the criminals of Israel. He said his conversations and teachings at a level appropriate to the common people and even walked among them. Interpreted verses and sages of sages in a popular way and even in Gentile languages.

His teachings and stories about him were written "Or Meir," "Meir's" and "Marganita Derby Meir."


Rabbi Meir of Permishlan became known as a masterpiece and works for salvation and thousands of people came to him to bless him.

It also became famous as a spiritual visionary who used to discover what he saw. There were righteous people, including Rabbi Uri of Strelisk, who opposed it, but many admired him, like Rabbi Yosef Shaul Natanzon and Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz who was one of the following to hang out in his shadow in Parmyslan.

Many hundreds of exemplary stories, the Holy Spirit and the love of Israel were published on it.

His family

Married Shlomza daughter of Rabbi Zvi Meisels of Podhiec who gave birth to a son and 5 daughters:

Rabbi Zvi.
Ruhama-Rachel - The wife of Rabbi Yosef of Lushkowitz, a grandson of honest truth. (Died on Kh. Tevet 1818).
Primat Gekhil - wife of Rabbi Yechiel Michal Moskowitz of Galina (died in Kibbutz Kislev).
Esther Tina - wife of Rabbi Zvi Frankel of Sedilkov (who died on the second of Tevet 1931) .
Chana - the wife of Rabbi Chaim Avraham Radlich of Mikulyov (died in Nissan 1941).
Miriam-Haya - wife of Rabbi Joel Moskowitz of Shutz (died in Nissan BJ). She herself is known as super righteous and exemplary. She inherited her father's cane, and asked for her father's post to put her father's stick in her grave to protect Schutz (her name in Sochaba's Yiddish), and in World War I all the surrounding towns were burned except for Sochaba remaining intact. She passed away on December 3, 1903, and a magnificent tent was erected above her grave in the old Sochaba cemetery that was still active at that time. Her granddaughter R. Yakov Moskowitz set up an important courtyard in Sochaba with a large Beit Midrash in the center of which many wise students studied and filled with prayers.


Rabbi Yitzchak Leifer of Kalush (18th-6th of Shevat Tzar).
Zisel - married R. Shlomo Radlich of Mikulyov.
Rabbi Dov Ber Leifer of Brezhon.
Rabbi Yechiel Michal Leifer of Qumrana (died on the 9th of Nissan).
May the merit of the tzadik Rabbi Meir of Permishlian protect us all. Amen

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