Rabbi David U Moshe

Rabbi David U Moshe described in the tradition of Moroccan Jewry as righteous and miraculous

Born: Jerusalem?
Died: Atlas Mountains, 1171

Rabbi David U Moshe described in the tradition of Moroccan Jewry as righteous and miraculous. According to the narrator, there was a rabbi from Jerusalem who traveled as a Shadar among the Jewish communities in the Atlas Mountains and died there in 1171. It is narrated, among other things, that he abolished a harsh decree that brought down many martyrs, Jews and Muslims.

Buried in the Atlas Mountains, near the villages of Temzirat and Temstin. At the beginning of the 20th century his tomb was marked with stone. Around the middle of the 20th century, a tombstone, a tomb hall, lighting places and guest rooms were built on the site.

House of Rabbi David U Moshe

The house of Rabbi David and Moshe is the name of a site in the Canaan neighborhood of Safed, which was established in 1973 in honor of Rabbi David and Moshe. The founder of the site is Avraham Ben-Haim, at that time he was working in the forest in his early forties. He said that after the Yom Kippur War, the image of Rabbi David and Moshe was revealed to him in a dream. In one of the dreams, Rabbi David and Moshe informed him that he was leaving Morocco and coming to live in his house in Safed. Following the dream, Ben-Haim built a room in his house which was called "the room of the righteous." The room had a bench with a number of prayer and psalm arrangements, and over the years the Mishkan grew and more rooms were added to the house. Soon worshipers began to visit the place.

Every year on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, a Hilula is held in memory of the Tzaddik, and thousands of people participate. Following this, tenants left the neighborhood. The complex currently consists of most of the houses in the area and includes a prayer room, a synagogue, a parking lot and barbecues used by the locals. The place receives support from the municipality, which initially opposed its existence.

May the merit of the tzadik Rabbi David U Moshe protect us all. Amen

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