Rabbi Avraham of Stretin

Chassidic leader. Son of the tzaddik Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi of Stretin.

Born: Stretin,Poland,
Died: Stretin,Poland, 1864

Rabbi Avraham of Stretin was the second of four sons of the famous tzaddik Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi of Stretin, who was the foremost student of the famous Chassidic rabbi, Rabbi Uri of Strelisk. Rabbi Avraham  succeeded his father as the Rabbi of Stretyn, after his father's death in 1844.

Rabbi Avraham was a man of miracles and wonders, he reached high spiritual levels of Ruach HaKodesh (Rashi: unification with the divine presence; deep spiritual insight or prophecy).

One of his unique customs was to make sure that the shochet (ritual slaughterer) would immerse himself in the mikveh before doing a shchita (not a requirment by Jewish law) on meat to be eaten by him [R' Avraham]. He could even sense if the meat served to him was slaughtered by a schochet who used the mikveh prior to the shchita or not.        R' Abraham would dip all of his dishes in the mikveh, even the kind not required to be dipped by Jewish law. He would also deep his smoking pipe, and the sheets and blankets of his bed.

Rabbi Avraham had no sons, but four daughters who married great chassidic rabbis.


"Katonti – I am not worthy of the least of all the steadfast love and all the faithfulness which you have shown to your servant" (Yaakov Avinu talking to God / Genesis 32.10)

The Sages deplored haughtiness of spirit. Nonetheless, a scholar should have some pride. It is said that the measure of pride of the disciple of scholars should not exceed one eighth of one in eight parts (Tractate Sotah 5a), for he should have a little pride to maintain his self-respect. This should ensure that others will have regard for his opinions.

How does the Talmud arrive at the proportion of one in sixty-four?

Yaakov expresses the view that he is of little worth in the 8th verse of the 8th Parsha of the Torah! (R' Avraham of Stretin, in the name of his father Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi of Stretin)

May the merit of the tzaddik Rabbi Rabbi Avraham of Stretin protect us all, Amen.


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