Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Israel Refael Alfiya

Kabalist, Known as an expert in the visible and hidden Tora

Born: 1862, Aram Tezova (Haleb, Syria)
Died: 23, Shvat Israel 1915, 1915


Known as an expert in the visible and hidden Tora

 (Torat Hanistar) and for his old age he immigrated to Israel and settled in Jerusalem.

Promised that those who say "Petah Eliyau," light a candle for his soul and ask one request, he willpray for him. At midnight Friday of ה'תרע"ו (5676) he returned his soul to its Creator.


His father was Rabbi Yitzchok.

His mother was Sarah.

His sons: Hamekubal Yitzhak (Baal ha "Contras Yehieli"), Rabbi Isaiah Shaul, Rabbi Mordechai Moshe.

His Grandpa: Isaiah (father sidel(.

One of his students was Hamekubal Shalom Hadaiah

Born ה'תרע"ו (5676)  Aram Tezova (Haleb Syria.)


Riach l- Yitzchok

Our Rabbi said that the one that will read "Patach Eliyahu" for raising his soul on his hillula's day and ask (only one think to ask) he will talk for him and his pray will be accepted. Light a candle for the Tzadik and then say: I am reading Patach Eliyahu in honor of the tzadik Rabbi Yaakov Haim Israel Refael BEN Rabbi Itzhak and  Sara and ask him to pray (here mention your name and your mother name) ans ask (here ask what you want) and with God help will see a miracles

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