Rabbi Mordechai Shapira of Neshchiz

Rabbi Mordechai Shapiro, A.B.D. of Leshnev and Nezkizh (Niesuchojeze, north of Lvov)

Born: Circa 1748 (5508)
Died: 1800 (5560), 1800

Leoni, in "HaZaken miNeskhiz," says (in translation): "... the Moharam was a grandson of Rabbi Isaiah of Cracow, who served as judge (av beis din) of Kovel. Beyond that, the family tree of the Moharam reached back to the prince Abarbanel. And it is known that Abarbanel’s family line reached back to King David."

An article, "History of the Jews of Volhyn" in Pinkas hakehillot Polin (1990), says (in translation):

"Another Hasidic dynasty was that of Nezkizh, founded by Rabbi Mordecai Shapira (1748-1800) who was one of the disciples of Yehiel Mikhal of Zlotchov. He was a 'miracle-worker' and his sayings were collected in the book Rishfe Eish [Sparks of Fire]. His first-born son, Rabbi Ya'akov Arieh (1780-1830) lived in Kovel, Nezkizh and Trisk. His son born to him in old age, Rabbi Isaac (1789-1868), was a disciple of Rabbi Barukh of Miedzyboz and of the Seer of Lublin [Ya'akov Yitzhak d. 1815]. He was influenced by Rabbi Yitzhak Levi of Berdichev and like his father was a 'miracle-worker.' He was the author of Toldot Yitzhak [The Generations of Isaac] and Zikhron Tov [Good Memory]. Descendants of this dynasty spread to Kovel, Ostila, Stovikhova, Poryck and other places."

According to Dynner, Men of Silk: "serverd as av bet din of Ludmir, Neskhiz, and Kowel."

May the merit of the tzaddik Rabbi Mordechai Shapira of Neshchiz  protect us all, Amen.

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