Rabbi Yisrael Dov of Vilednik

The Maggid of Vilednik, a great Tzaddik and miracle worker

Born: 1789
Died: Vilednik, Ukraine, 1849

the She’eiris Yisrael (1789-1849 [or 1850]). Also known as the Maggid of Vilednik, he was a disciple of Rav Mordechai Twersky (1770-1837), the Chernobler Rebbe. During his lifetime, thousands journeyed to the She’eris Yisrael for blessing, inspiration, and consultation. Before he passed away, he told his disciples that whoever would reach out and touch his door seeking help would be aided. Today, even thousands of non-Jews come to pray at his gravesite in their times of need. The She’eiris Yisrael’s reputation continues to endure amongst generations of Gentiles in the area, and many Jews from around the world travel to his kever on his yahrtzeit.

He was known as a great Tzaddik and miracle worker. He was the  primary talmid of R' Mottel of Chernobyl.

His Kever is in Vilednik, Ukraine and gets many visitors.

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  • Soul Elevations

    • Avraham Chaim ben Avraham
    • Josefa Chanita bat Sarah
    • Avraham Yaniv ben Roza Ve David
    • Avraham Tzvi ben Avraham
    • Dania Puah bat Avraham
    • Luz Elena bat Rosa Elena
    • Miriam Hinda bat Josefa
    • Patricia Power Marcus bat Avraham
    • Luis Carlos ben Margarita
  • Healing

    • לי בת רות
    • אושר בן לי
    • David Levi ben Sarah
    • Maria Nelly bat Sofia
    • Michael Chaim ben Sarah
    • Lazar ben Manya
    • רחל בת יצחק כהן
    • Haim Aron Yousef ben Esther
    • Dania Nechama bat Miriam
    • Celia bat Rivka
    • Raisa bat Blor
    • Dona bat Frankie
    • Lazar ben Manya
    • Janna bat Feyga
    • Sarah bat Myriam
    • John ben Mary
    • Abraham ben unknown
  • Success in life

    • Yeechiel ben Yehudis
    • יצחק בן ניסים
    • Roxie bat Gloria
    • Keren sophia bat Avraham
    • Lorenzo Mario Ruscello Jr ben Lorenzo Mario Ruscello
    • Hannah bat Sarah Wanda
    • David Asher ben David
    • Sarah bat Ismael
    • Adam Benjamin ben Avraham
    • Mordechai ben Musha Ester
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