Rabbi ( Haham) Sasson Levy


Born: Kafri Village ,Iraq 1911
Died: Jerusalem Israel, 1992

Early age

The Kabbalist Rabbi Sasson Levy was born in a rural area near the city of Baghdad in Iraq. He was orphaned from his father when he was only four years old. At the age of eight he began to study in the Talmud Torah near the Midrash Beit Zelacha and began to ascend the steps of the Holy Torah, gaining much knowledge and immense knowledge of Shas and first and last arbiters Even before he reached his twentieth year, the Sages received a "yorah yorah" signature, signed by the great rabbis of Baghdad and its sages who peel off his incredible proficiency.

He took a daily dip in the purity of the city of Baghdad as a custom of devotees and people. 


When we heard about a convoy about to immigrate to Eretz Yisrael, he was 21 years old, immediately and without waiting, and without waiting he immigrated to the Holy Land and settled in Jerusalem. When he went up to Rachel's grave our mother opened the arrangement with seven greetings of the canopy. Then he knew that this was a hint that his future wife would be called Rachel. Set his apartment in the Beth Israel neighborhood near the Old City. One of his associates, who was rich, saw the plight of the place in this apartment He had a spacious apartment in Katamon, but our rabbi refused to move out of his apartment because he wanted to be close to the soon-to-be-destroyed temple.

For over forty years! He use to eat only at night

He studied at the Kabbalat Yeshiva "Porat Yosef" in Jerusalem while retiring from all the affairs of this world, making sure to save time and save time that he had learned that day. At the age of 33, he began to do cross-dressing as appears in the book "Hakana" to R. Nahunya bin Hakneh and six years later decided to continue his tormentors, despite the pleas of his mother and well-known saga Ephraim Hakohen to stop fasting and he felt that the food was raining for 40 years every day until the stars leave except Saturdays and good days. Every day he used to dip in the mikvah whose water was boiling [because of the heat only the dignitaries dared to immerse in it], immediately afterwards dipped in the mikvah with cold water while he was siphoning "fire and water" and not wiping his body but only his hair because he was missing time. Pray with the congregation of guards in the Beit Alef synagogue and after the quorum was canceled due to the death of some of the sages, he used to pray morning prayers in the "Avrahamhoff" synagogue in the Bukhar neighborhood and made sure the cantor wore a hat. When praying and saying blessings, extend it with intent and uniqueness, taking care to say each word clearly and each time it mentions the name of the Lord was shaken in all its organs until most of the habit becomes it as second nature. After the prayer he studied in the book "Law for Israel" as he is decorated with a prayer shawl and tefillin and finished all the book of Psalms. Mincha Prayer used to pray in the "Roses for David" synagogue. At the end of the regular lesson in the night and evening prayers at the "Love Life" synagogue, many approached him in the synagogue and on his way to his house he did not break his fast to receive his advice and blessings and the request of his teachers and friends [Kabbalist wise Menachem Menashe, Kabbalist wise Ephraim Zilchah priest and Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Kaduri] Began to redeem himself in silver coins and became famous as a laborer of salvation, but escaped with dignity and all the money he received from the redemptions handed over from time to time to the offices of "Yad La'arim" without asking for acceptance or approval.

Becky was in all areas of the Torah and all the Shas by heart, in all the Midrashim, and the holy gospel and Kabbalah. With all this, he had wonderful humility.  The Holy Spirit of the hidden righteous! Every day he was praying in the early morning and submissively praying for the entire nation of Israel. Rabbi's blessings did not go blank and many were healed.

May the merit of the tzadik Rabbi ( Haham) Sasson Levy protect us all. Amen

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