Rabbi Eliyahu Mishan of Aram Tsoba

Rabbi Eliyahu Mishan became known by the name of his critical work in the hidden fields of Torah entitled "Sefat Emet." 

Born: Syria, 1800's
Died: Syria, 1800's

Rabbi Eliyahu Mishan became known by the name of his critical work in the hidden fields of Torah entitled "Sefat Emet." 

One day, a stranger came before Rabbi Eliyahu and pleaded, "Save me, rabbi." He explained that he lived in one of the villages in the western part of the country, and every year this village conducts a central fair. Thousands of farmers from all over the region come to purchase what they need for the upcoming year. They buy weaves, haberdashery, utensils, spices, everything. This Jew that stood before the rabbi was a well-known merchant, an honest and trustworthy salesman, and everyone bought goods from his shop, thus providing his livelihood. This year, too, he filled his shop with an abundance of merchandise that he purchased on credit. Unfortunately, however, no one came by his store. Throngs of consumers flocked from all over to the village, but nobody brought anything from him. Towards evening he investigated the matter and discovered that his Arab neighbor incited the farmers to boycott the Jew's goods. They knew that he sold the highest quality goods for the best prices, but they all feared the powerful hand of the Arab neighbor.

 "What can I do," sighed the rabbi in anguish. "What's done is done - the fair has ended, has it not?" "No, rabbi, it goes on for two days. This is why I took the trouble to come to you." "If so," replied the saintly rabbi, "sleep here overnight. Write the Arab's name on a slip of paper and leave it in the Bet Kenesset in the morning. "The merchant did what he was told, and he waited for the rabbi to complete his prayers. He then reverently approached the rabbi, who turned to him pleasantly and said, "The Gemara teaches that if someone has enemies, he should come early and stay late in the Beit Midrash, and they will be defeated. You have already done this, so now you may return to your village. "The salesman hurried back to his town and saw the funeral procession for his deceased neighbor. That day, he sold all his merchandise. 

 May the merit of the tzaddik  Rabbi Eliyahu Mishan of Aram Tsoba  protect us all, Amen.

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