Rabbi Salman Mutzfi

Kabbalist, student of Rabbi Yehuda Fetaya

Born: Bagdad, 1900
Died: Jerusalem, Israel, 12/31/1974, 1900

Harav Sulman was born in Baghdad, son of Rabbi Rabbi Zion Meir, from a family of scholars who had previously named Mosfia. Studied at the "Medrash T. Zilkha Midrash" from the quintessential teacher, Rabbi Yehuda silly. He was in contact with Rabbi Yaakov Chaim's son of  Ish Chai. Elul Tra"h (1918) He got Certified slaughterer and mohel. Aide and emissary of the Jewish-axis Senate Iraqi Menahem Daniel and conducting business overseas.
On August Trtz"h (1935), he immigrated to Israel and settled in Israel in the Bukharan neighborhood. Elul Ts"b (1942) he founded the Yeshiva "sons of Zion" near Rachel's tomb, which dealt mainly with the study of the Zohar and Kabbalah. Following the outbreak the Independence War, had the Yeshiva moved to Makor Baruch neighborhood .
Was buried on the Mount of Rest Sephardic rabbis in Jerusalem. After his death at 1974, called the Jerusalem municipality  a street in the Home & Garden under his name.

May the merit of the tzaddik  Rabbi Suleiman protect us all, Amen.

A bit about his life  - Hebrew


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