Rabbi Moshe Yosef Mordechai Meyuchas

Rabbi Moshe Yosef Mordechai Meyuchas (Hebrew: משה יוסף מרדכי מיוחס; Moses Joseph Mordechai Meyuchas) (1738-1805) was Chief Rabbi of Israel (Rishon l’Zion) from 1802-1805.

Born: Jerusalem 1738
Died: Jerusalem, Israel, 1805

Rabbi Moshe Yosef Mordechai Meyuchas (Hebrew: משה יוסף מרדכי מיוחס; Moses Joseph Mordechai Meyuchas) (1738-1805) was Chief Rabbi of Israel (Rishon l’Zion) from 1802-1805.

Meyuchas was born in Jerusalem to the Meyuchas family. He is the author of Sha’ar ha-Mayim (Salonika, 1768) Berachot Mayim (Salonika, 1789,) and Mayin Shaal (Salonika, 1799)


Born in Jerusalem to Rabbi Raphael Attributed son of the Attached family who arrived in Israel during the period of the expulsion of Spain. He is the granddaughter of Rabbi Yisrael Ya'akov Hagiz and Pentateuch to Rabbi Moshe Galanti.

When he was 15, his name was published among Jerusalem rabbis. During his elections, he studied with the Hida at the Kabbalat Yeshivat Beit El and authored many books. He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Yom Tov Algazi. In the history book of Israel's greats, he was said to have been a doctor and bought him a good name among Ishmaelis and never left Eretz Yisrael. Rabbi S. Hazan writes between him and his friend The HIDA prevailed on the envy of writers, so that when the HIDA published its book "Sha'ar Yosef," Rabbi Moshe Yosef Mohaz (Mi'am) published the book "Sha'ar Ha-Water," and when it published the book "Birkat Yosef," the other published "Berachot Hamim" Chaim Shaal "and" Maim Shaal "and so on.

In 1794 he went on a mission as a Dr. to Egypt and in 1796 went on a mission to India.

During the Napoleonic campaign in Eretz Israel (1798-1799) when he was camped in Ramla without resistance, it was rumored that his face was headed for Jerusalem. The Jews of Jerusalem participated in the city's fortification work, and even received permission from Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Attributed to work on the Sabbath day. This fact is of importance in the face of Napoleon's subsequent attempts to tilt the hearts of the Jews towards him with promises of national salvation.

In the 12th year, Rishon Zion was appointed and served in that capacity until his passing.

He died on the Tishrei Tzvi (1805), and was buried on the Mount of Olives.

From his essays

Greetings of Water - Innovations on Four Columns, Thessaloniki HMC
Main Shaal - Q&A about Yura Dah and the Auxiliary Stone, Thessaloniki H. On the Hybridbox site.
Shaar Hamim - Innovations on the Shul, Thessaloniki H. On the Hybridbox site.
Pnei Hamim - on the history of the sages of Israel.
Maim Reshonim - Innovations on Maimonides.
Ein Hamaim - Call a book by that name because it started to go blind.
Wrote additional essays that remained handwritten and unprinted.

May the merit of the tzadik Rabbi Moshe Yosef Mordechai Meyuchas protect us all. Amen

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