Rabbi Baruch Frankel-Teomim

A Rabbi, Talmudist  

Born: 1760, Leipnik, Czechoslovakia
Died: Leipnik, Czechoslovakia, 1828 (5588)

Rabbi Baruch ben Yehoshua Yechezkel Feivel Fränkel-Te'omim, Boruch Frankel Thumim (1760–1828) was a rabbi, Talmudist at Vishnitsa, Austrian Galicia, and at Leipnik, Moravia, during the 1st half of the 19th century.

Born 1760 and was one of the outstanding pupils of David Tebele, A.B.D. of Lissa, as he mentions in his work, 'Nefesh David'. He later studied under R Judah Harif Lieber, son of R' Benjamin of Cracow. His approbations to 'Tzemach leAvraham' by R. Avi Hirsch, son of R. Chaim HaLevi, Warsaw, 1796, were written in 1795 when he was at Vizhniz. In 1779 he was elected A.B.D succeeding R. Naftali Hirsch Margolioth who died in 1778.

R. Baruch remained there for over twenty years until 1802. After the death of R. Benjamin Wolf Eger in 1796, he became A.B.D. of Leipnik in 1802. Here he wrote his famous work, 'Baruch Tam', published by his son.

He was married twice:

1. Jochebed Rebecca, daughter of R. Judah Parnas of Vizhnitsa (Vizhniz) [ see Landau Family Pedigree - G8.2/9.9/10]

2. daughter of R. Zvi Joshua HaLevi, son of R. Shmelke Horowitz (son-in-law of his uncle, R. Phineas Horowitz, author of 'Hamikneh VeHaPele).'

His work:

'Baruch Tam', novellae and pilpulim, Lvov, 1841 - with five further editions between 1878 and 1914; 'Baruch SheAmar', Piotrkow, 1905, Jerusalem 1966; 'Marganita DeRav' Lvov, 1883, Pietrokov, 1930 (Hashalem) London, 1957; 'Imrei Baruch' Vienna, 1875, 'Hagahot' on Mishnayot and the Jerusalem Talmud in 'Turei Even by T. Aryey Lieb,son of R. Asher: 'Alteret Chachamim' Responsa and novellae, Josefow, 1866 and Podgorze, 1899; 'Chidushei Baruch Tam', London 1960, by his two descendants, Baruch S. Schneersohn and Elhanan Halpern.

His approbations of 1822 appeared in 'Toldot Araham' by R. Abraham, A.B.D. Glogau and Ohleinov. He remained A.B.D. in Leipnik until 1825, and died there in 1828.

May the merit of the tzadik  Rabbi Baruch ben Yehoshua Yechezkel Feivel Fränkel-Te'omim protect us all. Amen


The Unbroken Chain - Neil Rosenstein (1990) Volume 1, Chapter iv, page 253 - 254, G10.3

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