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Author: Zion Nefesh

Daily Zohar – Tikunim – #6 – The silver string

Daily Zohar -6

And so she (the Shechina) became angry on the wicked that satisfy himself with bread. It said “go and fight with my bread”, This one is called wicked because is is not sharing his wealth, he is not generous and is not from the seed of the patriarchs. It said “the generous people of the nations gathered”. Not sharing

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Zohar Diário #6 – A corda de prata

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-8″ title=”Zohar Diário-6″ src=”” alt=”Zohar Diário -6″ />E assim ela (a Shechiná) ficou com raiva dos ímpios que se satisfazem com pão. Ele disse: “vá e lute com o meu pão”. Este é um chamado perverso porque não está compartilhando sua riqueza; ele não é generoso e não é da semente dos patriarcas. Ele disse que “as pessoas generosas das nações reunidas.” Não partilha

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Daily Zohar – Tikunim – # 4, The Mother

Happy are those that study Torah. When it said (Psalms 84:4) “also a bird found home”, that is a house that Torah verses are coming out of it. It is the central column. A house that doesn’t have Torah in it, destines to be...

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