One of the important actions we do before Rosh Hashanah, that is a day of judgment, is to ask forgiveness from each other. This act removes judgment from our case when it is presented in the upper court.
Our actions may have caused others to feel some kind of pain that has raised a judgment against us and placed an item of correction on our Tikkun list. Asking for forgiveness removes this item from the list and is important especially before Rosh Hashanah. We want to stand before the court of truth that cannot be lied to, as clean as possible at least with deep regrets on any harm we have done to others.

I decided to write this short article as a result of an email I received from a friend. He sent me the message below to post on DZ. It gave me the idea of creating a page for everyone to be able to ask forgiveness for their wrong actions. Expressing regrets and asking for forgiveness in a public forum has a greater cleansing effect. As a child, I remember that before the prayer of Rosh Hashanah many would come to the center of the synagogue and ask the congregation for forgiveness. Some asked directly from a specific person and some asked all of them for forgiveness.
You may ask forgiveness from alive people or not. Past or current relationships. Whatever is on your chest, take it off. Obviously it is better to call the people directly but if you can’t, let it be said here.

To make forgiveness work, you need to have deep regrets on the past actions and commitment to never repeat them in the future.
Please do not reveal other people’s names. You may use initials but never a full name unless this person is on the DZ. In that case, you can use the exact name they use to present themselves. (Some use aliases).
Here is the first request for forgiveness and the cause of this page. Being a cause, he merits the cleansing process that is channeled through this page.

From Zion Nefesh: “To everyone on the DZ and in my life, please forgive me for anything I have said and made you feel hurt or uncomfortable knowingly or unknowingly. Forgive me for not answering all your questions. Forgive me for forgetting to reply to your emails. Forgive me for promises I forgot to keep (Please remind me).

To my wife; Please forgive me for not giving you all the support and the attention deserved. I ask forgiveness from my kids for not giving them enough parenting time. “

You may add your request for forgiveness in the comments section below.