The Daily Zohar was launched online on Lag B’Omer 5769, May 12th, 2009

On the first day, after the counting of the Omer, I checked the subscribers count on the site, and it showed 137, which is the numerical value of ‘קבלה’ ‘Kabbalah.’ It was a message that we have the support of Rabbi Shimon to spread the light of the Zohar in the world. Now over 13 years after this date, I give many thanks to HaShem (YHVH) and Rabbi Shimon for guiding me and allowing me to share over 4000 Zohar studies daily. B”H we continue and complete the study of the entire Zohar and continue with studies of other sacred writings.

The Daily Zohar welcomes 10s of thousands of visits every month, making it most likely the number one Zohar study source in English worldwide.

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My name is Zion Nefesh. I was born in Israel on Wed, 5 August 1953 = 24th of Av, 5713.  I manage and operate the Daily Zohar from home.
Screen Media Group,, mainly does the design and development of the DZ projects. I hire others, primarily from Israel, to work on different tasks related to Zohar text and other projects.

The Daily Zohar is free and accessible to all people in the world without discrimination. The Daily Zohar depends on donations, but I never ask directly for donations to support the Daily Zohar project. Those who appreciate the Zohar studies and our projects (Smartphone apps, etc.) make donations.

Subscription is free for all. Subscribers receive email notifications on any new study posted on the site.

We have additional features, tools, and studies of Zohar and Kabbalah for those who wish to study more and expand their vessel by becoming a DZ member for a low monthly subscription fee. No obligation or commitment. Tap here to check options and join  BECOME A MEMBER

With love to all,

Zion Nefesh