The Daily Zohar was launched online on Lag B’Omer 5769, May 12th, 2009

On the first day, after the counting of the Omer, I checked the subscribers count on the site and it showed 137, which is numerically ‘קבלה’ ‘Kabbalah’. It was a message that we have the support of Rabbi Shimon to spread the light of the Zohar in the world. Now about nine years after this date, I am humble greatly humble before HaShem (YHVH) and Rabbi Shimon that allow me to share over 2600 Zohar studies on a daily basis.

The Daily Zohar welcomes 10s of thousands of visits every month making it, most likely the number one Zohar study source in English worldwide. The Spanish and Portuguese Facebook pages of the Daily Zohar also have thousands of followers.


I manage and operate the Daily Zohar from home.  Design and development of the DZ projects are mainly done by Screen Media Group, . I hire others, mostly from Israel, to work on different tasks related to Zohar text and other projects with cooperation with .

The Daily Zohar is free and accessible to all people in the world without discrimination. We have additional studies of Zohar and Kabbalah for those who wish to study more and expand their vessel for a low monthly subscription fee.

With love to all,

Zion Nefesh