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Zohar Sparks – 00015 – Shabbat Shalom – Bo

In the Torah portion of Bo, we read about the last three plagues (Locust, Darkness, Firstborn) and the Exodus. After 210 years of Slavery, the Israelites and a whole lot of Erev Rav, leaving Egypt on the way to the Promised Land. There are 17 precepts mentioned in...

Zohar Sparks – 00014 – Goodnight soul

Zohar Lech Lecha #147 When the soul level of Nefesh leaves the body at night, she desires to climb higher in the spiritual levels. If it has impurities attached to her during the day, the soul cannot ascend higher because the kippot on the lower levels block her...

Torah Reading Test

Daily Zohar #3247 from Zion Nefesh on Vimeo.

Zohar Sparks – 00013 – Light for Peace

“And all your children, teachings of YHVH (Torah), And great peace for your children”;(Isaiah 54:13) “וְכָל בָּנַיִךְ לִמּוּדֵי יְהוָה וְרַב שְׁלוֹם בָּנָיִךְ” When we study Torah/Zohar, we reveal the great light of Peace. These days, more than ever, we need to study...
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