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Malachi 3:10
“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

Proverbs 3:9,10
“Honor YHVH from your wealth And from the first of all your produce;” “then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine.”

1 Chronicles 29:14
“But who am I and who are my people that we should be able to offer as generously as this? For all things come from You, and from Your hand we have given You.”

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  • Shalom Zion Am trying to make a donation but paypal will not process my card very odd can I send a money gram or money order until I solve this situation with paypal.Thanks

    • Dear Yolanda, I tested the system and it is works fine. I did receive another complaint about difficulties processing through PayPal so I guess that there are som issues.
      I will email you privately our mailing address.

      • Thank You Zion,Shabbat Shalom

  • Sue Rott

    Zion, I have an issue with giving my information to Pay Pal. Would you be so kind as to give an address so donations can be mailed.

    Thank you


  • doris

    Zion what can I do to get the book???? as you know I live in Tijuana, can I get it through my friend Gabie because she has a credit card, could we make a donation and pay for the book in this way?????????? we would buy 2 books where we will receive the book?

  • Juan Bobeda

    Dear Zion,

    I would like to donate to help pay for the shipping and receive a copy of the Tikunei Zohar but PayPal does not work with credit cards from my country, Paraguay.
    I have a Miami, Fl address where the book can be sent and from where they will resend it to me. Please send me instructions.

    • Please reply to the email with the offer with your mailing address. You will receive the book for free unconditionally.
      You can decide later and find a way to make donation to support the Daily Zohar projects. The book is 100% free, include the shipping cost. We gave the donation link for people that have the money and wish to disconnect from bread of shame.


        • Thank you Yolanda for your kind words. I am ‘mirroring’ that comes from of all the friends of the Daily Zohar. Everyone comes here with pure desire to learn and connect. When we all connect spiritually, the love can be easily shared in a place where everyone seats in the front row and have the same access to the wisdom of the Zohar.

      • Magdalena Bozinoska

        Dear Zion, i can’t figure what book you are all speaking of, can you tell me.

        • Dear Magdalena, this was years ago. The book was ‘Tikunei Zohar’. I had some quantity, I received from Israel and I offered for free to subscribers. I am planning to print a special edition for Daily Zohar and B”H with support of generous donors, I will have the budget to print.
          In the meantime you can have online access to the entire Zohar through and the Unity Zohar app that you can find on the app stores for iOS and Android devices.

          • Magdalena Bozinoska

            Thank you Zion, i have the app on my mobile phone.

            I didn’t see that it was years ago,sorry.

            Love & light

  • Teresita g. Roxas

    First time to get into your web site and also new with Kabbalah.I would like to request your free book.please include information where I can send my donation.thank you very much and since this am I learned a lot from your web site.ROXIE

  • Deborah Saul

    I am having problems trying to donate tithing money through PayPal please advise:)

    • Thank you Deborah, I tested the link to PayPal and it works fine.
      You can take a simple path and use this link:
      In the From input your email and in the To: input
      If you still gets error then there could be an issue with the internet browser due to the secure connection that PayPal is using to protect your private information.
      Try in a different time, day. we do not accept Credit Card info for direct processing but another option is to mail a check to Nefesh to the address at the bottom of the emails you receive from the Daily Zohar.
      Thank you for supporting the Daily Zohar projects.

  • Sarah

    Hola Zion

    Gracias! Por todo su amor, esfuerzo y dedicación en darnos todo este conocimiento y traer tanta Luz al mundo…
    Quiero hacer una donación pero no encuentro la manera de hacerlo.

    Luz y Muchas bendiciones

  • Deborah G

    Hi Zion I am trying to make my donation and I am not seeing where to click. Can you please let me know if the way we donate had changed or if there is a current problem with DZ. Thank you so much for all you do for us!!
    Shabbat Shalom

  • Sue Rott

    Dear Zion,
    I need an address to mail my check to. I do not want to put my card on the computer. Your site is the first I read in the morning. It starts my day.
    G-d Bless,

    • It is great to start the day with Zohar to awaken the soul with Light. Also before going to sleep to protect the soul during the night sleep and allow higher ascend and rest for it.

      Thank you so much for supporting the Daily Zohar projects.
      Mailing address is:
      Zion Nefesh
      700 Scarsdale Ave.
      Scarsdale, NY 10583

      This address can be found at the bottom of every daily zohar email.

  • Zion I am having problems with PayPal for donation please help can I pay with my card without PayPal?

  • I did not … I was born on February 22, 1969 at 20:10 pm in Sao Paulo -- Brazil where my proção Torah and what my portion of the Zohar, and how do I find out the meaning?



  • Brian Harrington

    Baruch Hashem
    I herd in the video there would be a acel spreadsheet available.

  • Brian Harrington

    Baruch Hashem Won-der-ful

  • Edson Abu’Chaim Marques Figuei

    Zion Nefesh, quero lhe fazer uma pergunta, sou brasileiro, nascido em São Paulo/Capital, dias atrás do nada me veio um questionamento, espero que esse questionamento não seja visto aos seu olhos como “um questionamento tolo”, foi esse: ” Antes do “SANTO BENDITO SEJA” ter tirado nossos antepassados de Mizraim, eles comiam todo tipo de alimentos, como por exemplo carne de porco?

    • Dear Edson, There are no silly questions when a person desires to understand and come closer to the light. Just by asking the question, you revealed light.
      The sages tell us that Abraham followed the laws of the Torah. Even though the Torah was not given yet, He and his children after him had high spiritual connection and could know the cosmic energy, related to the Holidays and what type of food is good or not for their souls.

      You can feel it yourself. A person that studies Zohar for a while, can feel how his senses are elevated and can understand beyond the simple examination of the material level. You would be able to ‘read’ people and sense the quality and energy of food.

      God showed Abraham the entire spiritual system and that why he could be the chariot of Chessed, controlling the spiritual path from Binah to Malchut.

      Pork is negative meat because it has greater desire for the self. Pigs eats everything they can chew and swallow, leaving no leftovers. Some chefs can make great gourmet food with pork, which is very satisfying but the impact on the soul is like adding dark curtain. Those who eat pork, can not be righteous. They easily have doubts about the ways of the Torah.

      If the animal was not slaughtered properly then it still carries the animal soul in it and that means that the energy of the meat was not purified.

      I myself avoid even Kosher meat because I cannot always trust the source. Labels can be easily duplicated and faked.

      • Helenita Goncalves

        Are you a vegetarian, Zion?
        In this case, I have another question. Doesn’t the vegetables have souls within them?
        Tks, kindest regards!

        • Every living creature and plant have a soul of different level. Even rocks can have souls ‘trapped’ inside for their punishment/correction.
          God made the souls in vegetation and inanimate mute so we have an easy way of handling them. The animals have sound that we can identify as pain. Fish express the pain by their move when they are trapped.
          The higher level of their expression the greater care and attention we should pay to them. The proper Kosher slaughtering release the soul in the animal and free the animal flesh from their Tikkun. It is important for the purity of our souls to avoid eating non-kosher meat. I suggest to everyone to follow the rules of the Torah about proper diet for the soul. It’s not about nutrition level and health it’s about the soul. We must bless the food that we eat so we can connect it to the spiritual level and purify the spiritual energy that we get form the food.

          I am not a 100% vegetarian. I avoid eating meat because I don’t trust all kosher labels. There are so many frauds because of the big profit margin between kosher and non-kosher. I follow my spiritual senses rather than labels or certificates .
          I eat in vegetarian restaurants even if they don’t have the certificate. I go inside and feel the place. If I sense the ‘kosherness’ then I ask for the ingredients, focusing on cheese types and vinegar and if they are okay then I eat there.

  • Edson Abu’Chaim Marques Figuei

    Todah Rabah, Zion Nefesh, muito obrigado pela resposta, percebo que Avraham avino era muito iluminado por HaSHEM!
    Peço que HaSHEM continue a te iluminar em suas respostas, para que dessa forma, você espalhe um pouco dessa luz da Santa Kabbalah a todos nós.

    Por mais que nunca ninguém tenha me dito antes, eu sempre tive essa interpretação, ou seja, de uma forma ou de outra, o ETERNO PAI DAS LUZES, sempre fez sua nação SANTA YSRAEL, sem KADOSH.

    Entendo que assim também é com relação aos DÍZIMOS, bem antes de Moshe, trazer a nós as leis do ETERNO, Avraham e talvez outros homens de D’US já ofereciam ao SER SUPREMO, sua décima parte, certo?

    • Abraham gave tithe to the priest of God (Genesis 14:18,19,20), Isaac reaped the benefits of tithe, and Jacob promised God to give tithe from everything he will have.
      Tithe is to remove the aspect of death from our lives. Search the DailyZohar for more information about giving tithe. There’s also video in English.

  • Edson Abu’Chaim Marques Figuei

    Querido Zion, me coloco como um humilde servo auxiliar na tradução do inglês para o português/br, se o senhor assim desejar!!!

    Se puder ajudar, EIS ME AQUI!

    • I will send you information to your private email.

      • Edson Abu’Chaim Marques Figuei

        Zion, follow my private email :

        I’m waiting.

        Shalom Alechem

        2016-04-14 16:24 GMT-03:00 Disqus :

  • Karen

    Hello Zion, Always appreciative of your sharing the Daily Zohar. Thank you.
    My question may have been earlier answered, and I may have missed it.

    For those who are in retirement, no longer earning, living without a pension,
    when there are really no ‘earnings coming in,’ please tell how this person can best give. Two of us were having a conversation about giving just this morning, and some clarity would be so appreciated.

    Blessings, love, and gratitude.

    • Dear Karen and others in similar situation. From studying my text and videos you learn to know that the tithe removes the aspect of death from our lives on all levels. Spiritual and material.
      If your earning a little above poverty level then you shoudl give tithe even if its few coins or dollars.
      If you know of other retired people with difficulties, share with them a little of your income with money, buying them gifts, small gift crads etc. Give a little to those who support your spiritual connections and study.
      When you give tithe, you actually open your self for life energy. God invites us to test him with giving tithe. Don;t have fear of losing when you give. Trust YHVH in all your actions and you will be blessed.