In the study of Daily Zohar study #2453 I focused mostly on the energy of hair and I concluded with;
“It is interesting is that the president of the USA has gold hair like King David and he was unexpectedly ‘anointed’ like him.”
The connection between the president of the USA (not mentioned by name) and King David in the same sentence ‘triggered’ a couple of ‘upset’ comments and a couple of emails from people protesting the connection between the two.
I take this opportunity to teach an important spiritual lesson. Before that I want to state that I have no intention in involving myself in politics or give opinion about this or another politician. It’s not ‘healthy’ for a spiritual person to get involved in a system that is mostly corrupted and full of lies and deceit. I didn’t mention the name of the US president because it was not important for the study. I didn’t compare him to Kings David but just pointed to the interesting fact related to the color of their hair. Both were unexpectedly ‘anointed’ to be Kings. King David was very humble and didn’t care about gold, riches of this world or even his status as a king. He wanted to serve God and the people and for that he was successful. He won wars and God gave him the task of preparing the construction of the Holy Temple (His son completed the task). Obviously we cannot compare him to any modern kings. Not even to most of the kings of Israel that followed him.
We should know that God is the only one that ‘crowns’ ‘Kings’. We read a testimony to that in the words of the prophet Daniel. (Daniel 2:21)
“וְהוּא מְהַשְׁנֵא עִדָּנַיָּא, וְזִמְנַיָּא, מְהַעְדֵּה מַלְכִין, וּמְהָקֵים מַלְכִין; יָהֵב חָכְמְתָא לְחַכִּימִין, וּמַנְדְּעָא לְיָדְעֵי בִינָה”
“He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;”
All leaders and rulers of nations are selected by God. He places them according to the correction process of the world and the nations they lead. God may choose an evil king that treat his subjects harshly or a king that follows the ways of God’s for the benefits of his people.
The Torah (Exodus 9:12) tells us that God controlled Pharaoh and ‘hardened’ his heart. God wanted to bring on Egypt the additional plagues even after Pharaoh gave up to the Moses. That process was in order to break the evil empire that wanted to control the entire world on a material and spiritual (Pharaoh considered himself as God) levels.
After we followed the democratic process and casted our votes for our candidate, we should accept the outcome because it’s the system. We should remember that the leader was actually chosen by God for a good reason. We may know or not know why this leader was elected because we can’t see the future. We can only be certain that God is always in the picture for the purpose of correcting the world in general and us as individual. The only way to protect ourselves from evil leaders/politicians is to pray to God for peace.
Expressing hate and all kind of negative reactions is very wrong because negative emotions contaminate our souls and definitely affect our physical health. Above all it adds to the negative state of the world like adding oil to the fire. It distances us from the Light and makes our correction worse.
The Zohar tells us that in the generation before Mashiach the leaders of the world would be reincarnations of ‘Kings’ that gave the children of Israel hard times on their growing path. God will ‘punish’ them and remove them from existence forever. In addition to the ‘Kings’ of the world, there are other Pharaohs that influence different aspects of our social and economic life to have stronger control over us.
Interesting observation is that most of the major leaders in Europe are people without children. That means that they have no continuation. They are most likely reincarnated kings, waiting to be punished and be terminated. I am not talking politics. I am just looking on the spiritual aspects of the political environment of our days. Those leaders at the top were given last opportunity to repent and follow the ways of God together with their people. If they are not with the Light then they may be removed forever.
As spiritual people and Kabbalah students, I ask you to look at the spiritual aspects of politics and see how God is in control. It’s not always what we personally want but it’s his ultimate choice. We have the freedom to choose if to fall victims to the war of lies and fake news or stay with the Torah and Zohar that are absolute truths.
Getting ‘triggered’ is a result of unnecessary sensitivity and lack of faith. Reactive behaviors are most likely to have negative outcome. Ask yourself where and when did you ‘gather’ material to form your political views. What kind of source is/was it? How reliable is it. What drives your emotions and reactions? Is it fear of unknown future? Was this fear influenced by reliable source or rooted in your own personal correction? The answers to these and similar questions are different between people even among those who share the same views. I have friends on Facebook from all over the world. I observed their reactions to their local politics and in relation to US politics. Everyone’s view is based on the ‘corner’ he’s in and the limited view from that point. A strong spiritual person would have certainty in God’s plans and know that his views are limited to his understanding.
Please remember that God is the King or all Kings. Focus on your Torah and Zohar studies, spiritual work of your correction to bring light and balance to a world full of chaos.
For those who don’t care about politics and wish to study more about hair, here are some good links.
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Rabbi Avraham Azulai in Chessed L’Avraham מעין שביעי נהר יג wrote about 10 levels of hair energy in the head and body. Also in his Zohar commentary named ‘Ohr Hachma’ (‘Light of the Sun’)