Ana B’Koach meditation with 72 names

How to meditate with 42 letters and the 72 names

The 42 letters name (Ana B’Koach) is the aspect of the ‘head’, which is a male form energy (Giver/conduit of light) and it is the power force and source of everything in the whole Creation. Nothing moves in this world without the power of the 42 letters name.
The 72 names are the aspect of the ‘body’ and the ‘bridges’ of the light that comes from the ‘head’.
The 42 letters come concealed in the first 42 letters of the Torah, but the 72 names are revealed in the splitting of the sea story in the 3 verses of 72 letters each beginning in Exodus 14:19.

To begin a proper meditation on the 72 names, start by getting into calm state of mind and body.
Meditate on the purpose of the meditation and where you wish to channel the light that you are about to receive. You can almost never ask the light for yourself alone except in a life threatening situation.

Recite the Ana B’Koach and avoid thinking about selfish and personal desires. Every desire should be channeled to be used for the benefit of others. Nothing your receive should stop with you. Even if you get your desires fulfilled, it could contain negativity with the energy of ‘end’. Always look for continuation of the energy you will be receiving. Transform every wish to an act that could benefit others also .

After finishing with the Ana B’Koach, do not recite the line of ‘Baruch Shem’ and continue to scan the 72 names. Scan them all without pronouncing any of them. The sound affects and limits/focuses the energy to a specific bridge that may not be the one you are looking for.

The Torah is scribed without any vowels so it is in pure potential and serve everyone in his needs. The 72 names can be read only as letters, meaning, the first name VHV can be read as Vav, Heh, Vav then the next one Yod Lamed Yod. This is a safe way to read the names but better to stay on the pure consciousness level.

Pause on the first name, Vav He Vav to meditate on your wish and again on the same sequence at the beginning of row 7.

After you finish with the scanning, recite the “Baruch Shem…”

The light that comes from each name should not be limited to one specific energy. Mem He Shin is not just for healing, He He Ayin is not just for relationship and love.
Scan the whole 72 names as one.

Link to Ana B’Koach print

Link to 72 names

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  • zazel

    Dear Zion

    I love Ana B’Koach. I had begun to use it with the 72 names, for the purpose of
    exorcism. I was then warned by a scholar to be careful because the 72 could “back-fire”, yet was given no more explanation, when i asked. I have continued with the first prayer, for that purpose, but not the 72.

    Can you explain “back-firing”?

    Is this only with exorcism?

    Can this happen with other uses or circumstances?

    Blessings and thank you.

    • It can never hurt when you start your meditation with the ana b’koach.
      Using the sacred names improperly can bring judgment on a person. It should be used only to help others or empower yourself in the purpose to help others.
      Each name of the 72 is a channel of spiritual energy form the supernal level to our level. Scanning them as a whole without vowels (Nikkud) can never hurt (back fire). When we use vowels, which is the ‘fuel’ for the ‘vehicle’ to propel it to a direction that was not intended then it can bring judgment.

      It is dangerous when coming to remove negativity with sacred names. The negativity could take the energy of the names and use it against the person.
      To be safe always start with the Ana B’Koach and never use a names with vowels unless it known and used by many and considered safe.

      • Ivan


        Thank you for this direction.

      • daliah

        Oh thank you Zion for letting us know. There are many websites that display the 72 names with vowels and even spell them out. Good to know that is safer not to pronounce them. By the way is there such a thing as exorcism and if yes what does it really mean? Are you being posessed a ruch ha ra etc.?

        G’d bless Daliah

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the pdf’s!!!

    I have printed them out to hang in my room as a reminder to ask for The Creator’s help to be everything that I was created to be and as a reminder that there IS ALWAYS something that I can do for others.

    Thank you!

  • bahrija paric

    my spirit gude explains that even if someone were totaiiy ignorat ,he or she would stillsee,her ,or read abaut all the negative evenc that are happenig every day across the globe .l;ve seen more people who are on their last lives than ever before.

  • bahrija paric

    these entitis; sufering seems to be more of a mental one from continually trying to make the wold better and relive itis INJUSTICes…ar at least alleviate the pain of family and friends.but they will find themselves having better health then most…they’llalso feel that ‘re living in a youthful timelessness,no matter what their chronological age may be. bari////

  • Alma Rajel Gutierrez

    Hi! Do You think can You included me in the health list, i had some problems with my health, and the dr told me that i have to considered to opered and removed my two mammary gland.
    I already talked this with my teacher and we are working on. My name is Alma Rajel bat Epigmenia Thanks a lot for your comprehention.

    • Yes. I will put your name on the list of unity pinchas.
      With Love and Blessing

  • Marc H

    Dear Zion
    I’m new, or should I say back with desire. I have been studying for almost 2 years now but primarily traditional Baal HaSulam and Rabash. I would like to start Ana B’Koach meditation and understand your direction but I don’t know the Baruch Shem. Is it here on the site ? I am also ignorant of the Hebrew language but am slowly learning the Aleph-bet.

    Shalom ve ahavah

    • Dear Marc
      There is an audio file to listen and follow.

      • Marc H

        Thank you so much. There are no words.

  • Ariel


  • Enrique Ruber

    Shalom Zion,
    I’m new here and need some directions.
    First, I’m saying Kadish every day for my daughter. At the temple, they skip or say Ana B’koach like it’s not a big deal…. I read about Ana B’Koach and know that it is a powerful pray but yet, I don’t feel connected as I am with Amidah for example.
    I need instructions or direction on how to be “connected”.
    Also I would appreciate if you can explain about the link between Ana B’Koach and the 42 first letters of the Torah as you described “The 42 letters come concealed in the first 42 letters of the Torah”
    Thank you and Hatima Tova!

    • Dear Enrique Ruber,
      Sorry about your loss. Like you said, most synagogues don’t make a big deal with the Ana B’Koach or any other connection. They just do it, because it is the tradition or a mitzvah or… because their Rabbi said so etc.
      Ask around about places that their service is following Kabbalah and the prayers according to the Holy Ari. The places that I know for sure following the kabbalah way and the Ari is the Kabbalah Center. They conduct the service with ‘announcer’ that stand by the ‘Hazzan’ and announce the spiritual level of each segment of the prayer. There is a pause when they reach the Ana B’Koach and explain it line by line with connection to the angels of the day. They include meditation for healing and ‘Tikun Hanefesh’ during the Ana ‘B’Koach.

      I highly recommend the book ‘The Genesis Prayer’ that explains the Ana B’Koach in details:
      You can find a lot of more information on the author’s website:

      • Enrique Ruber

        Dear Zion,

        Thank you for your quick response and the link.
        May Hashem bless you and Kol Am Israel, Amen
        Hatima Tova

  • coty

    I cannot download the 72 names

  • Lea

    Zion shalom,
    I had an insight and found a great message while scanning, reading and meditating on all 72 names as one .

    Many thanks and lots of Light to all,

  • eartsoul1000

    dear Zion, i started reciting 72 God’s names more of interest in learning Hebrew and reading words and what had happen the energy started flowing through my body. I am trying to find an answer what is happening. I thought this will happen once, but it looks like every time I recite these names the energy flows. This is imazing what is happening. Can you assist and guide me were can I find answers as t owhat is happening to me. I know the Divine has control over my live and I am being guide on my Spiritual path. I just would like to understand this . I dont know Hebrew neither am I familiar with Tora or Zohar. Again I will be greatful for any earthy guidance. Thanks.

  • Daliah


    I believe I have brought unto myself judgment I was doing an invocation for angels and now that room has got a strange energy, what can I do to remove it?

    I dry fresh ‘sage’ leaves and burn them in the house is that a good idea?

    G’d bless

    • Yes. Do that.
      Place a disposable cup of water (plastic or used tin can) burn the sage and recite the Ana b’koach seven times. After that pour the water outside on the ground where no people walk then dispose the cup in the garbage.
      (Negativity flee to water when pushed away.)

      • Daliah

        Ok thank you Zion. I will do so.

        G’d bless

  • Ariel

    Hello Daliah,

    Just to add a little;

    I would suggest that once you are done, don’t let the water touch you,
    and be careful, if you have children or pets, that they not drink or get into it.



    • Daliah

      Thank you Ariel, the water did not touch me I disposed it immeditaely and the cup. My husband said he heard someone ‘knocking’ whilst I was in the room doing the procedure? Is it gone now or do I need to do more?

      G’d bless

      • repeat in 7 and 14 days or Friday afternoon, before Shabbat. then when you feel some ‘energy change’

  • Daliah

    Hi Zion,

    I need help.
    I have guests and they can hear footsteps and see little light (glowing) in the night time. It’s in the same room were I had the strange energy previously… I have no idea what it is? They seem to be a bit worried now..Shall I recite the Ana Bekoach again and burn dry sage?

    Thank you.

    Lots of Light
    d x

  • Kwapaz

    Hello Zion, I am new and not Jewish ,but I feel a strong attraction which has led me to this site so far. I followed the link and bought two of the Genesis prayer book which my brother and i love very much. We discovered that on page 210 the chart for “The Pure Ana B’Ko’ack”, the ‘Triplets on line 5 is supposed to be on line 6, and vice versa. There is also a repeatition of the word “Adatechah” on both lines 5 and 6. though the last word on line 6 should be K’dushatechah.

    Would we be right to think we are trying to open a certain door with the wrong key, seeing the this is a spiritual matter and according to the Genesis Prayer Book “Judgment in the spirit is Instantaneous”

    Please help us to rectify this revealatioin.
    G’D Bless

  • andrea

    in meditation, the pronounce of 72 with the Abulafia technique of natural vowels and movements of the head it is dangerous too?

  • Hello Zion,

    I found the Ana ‘B Koach in youtube that i can learn how to say it but i can’t find
    Baruch Shem and don’t know how to say it and i know i have to recite this either after the scanning of the 72 names. can’t find it in

    please help, thanks!


  • Missy

    Hello Zion,

    I am totally new to this form of praying, so please bear with me. From what I have been reading, saying the prayer incorrectly could result in opening a doorway to nasty stuff, which for me is scary.

    Is there a way to say this prayer in English and still receive the blessings of healing, spiritual connection, love and prosperity? Must this payer be said in the original language?
    Each country has their own versions of payers in their own languages, do they not work?

    • If your heart and consciousness is pure then the prayer will go up. The words create the angels that carry the prayer that is dressed with the consciousness.

  • Missy

    Thank you for replying Zion.

    So basically, are you saying that it is not necessary to learn the
    Ana B’Koach or the 72 names or the Baruch Shem in Hebrew, that the English translation will work just as well?
    Would that not affect the code? Hmm?

    If the answer to that is no, then why not just offer the prayer in English and the many other languages of the world so that everyone can benefit, instead of just the small percentage of people who are gifted in learning new languages. Certainly God, who created all of us, also cares for us too and would like for us to know the precise way to reach him.
    But then again, as you have already replied, a prayer offered from the heart will be carried to his ears, regardless of the precise verbiage. Yes? No?

    • Sorry for not providing a complete answer (I was too tired when I answered your question).
      Top requirement for prayer is pure heart.
      Prayers to god to fulfill a wish or a desire in this world should be vet be selfish. One can ask for himself but for the purpose of providing continuation.
      Asking for luxury is a selfish prayer and could result in drawing judgment.
      The entire Creation was made with the Hebrew letters and words so to make higher connection we use Hebrew prayers.
      Using translation of the Ana b’koach has the same value of someone raiding a wish in their heart. He can not create the angels that the Ana b’koach creates when using the proper words and pronunciation. Always better to have the Hebrew in front of you for scanning even if you read the transliteration. (See )
      There’s a lot to write and explain about prayers and you can find a lot of links and explanation in the different daily Zohar commentaries and articles.


  • Smadar

    Hello. Thank you for all the information you are sharing. Your website is a great resource. I am wondering why the Vav Hey Vav and Mem Beit Hey are repeated twice in the 72 names. Also regarding the natural vowels, for the Mem and Chet should the nikud be the “eh” sound/tzerei.

    Thank you.

    • The 72 names are like spiritual ‘bridges’ for light form the Spiritual level to the world of Malchut.

      Vav He Vav appear as number 1 and 49. The 72 names are made from three verses of 72 letters and they can also be looked as three segments of 24 names (72 letters) each. Equally grouped 1-24, 25-48, 49-72. והו at position 49 begins the central column from that aspect. #1 is the aspect of שמים, heavens and #49 is ארץ, earth.
      There is no much information on מבה but I will research kabbalistic writings for more.
      The nikkud (vowel) sound for the letters Mem and Chet is Tzerei.
      Remember that the Nikkud is also called ‘תנועות’ ,’movements/ vibrations’. Reciting the 72 names in their natural letter sound produce greater connection than simple scanning.
      The letter and their sound can be learned on

      There are 70 nations and each have a channel in the 72 names the other two names and the whole is for the Isarelites.

  • Smadar

    Thank you! I appreciate your quick response! Just for clarification, by me pronouncing the Chet & Mem with its natural vowels, it would sound more like the segol instead of the tzerei. I would think the tzerei to belong to the Hey and the Pei letters. If so, then the segol doesnt seem to be used in the 72 names. Is that correct? Is there a reason?

    Would you recommend saying all the 72 names (w/natural vowels) or could one just choose the one or two names that they are attracted to for the moment and meditate on it or just pronounce it?

    Again thank you for your time.

    • I think I saw a video on YouTube with proper pronunciation of the 72 names in natural letter sound. Yemenites and ashkenazi pronounce Segol and Tzerei differently. Use whatever you grew up with. I use the regular Hebrew sound even though my parents were from Yemen.

  • Sarah Luna

    El Nombre de 42 letras (Ana B’Koaj) es el aspecto de la “cabeza”, que es una forma de energía masculina (Dador / conductor de Luz) y es la fuerza de la energía y la fuente de todo en toda la Creación. Nada se mueve en este mundo sin el poder del Nombre de 42 letras.

    Los 72 nombres son el aspecto del “cuerpo” y los “puentes” de la Luz que provienen de la “cabeza”.

    Las 42 letras están ocultas en las primeras 42 letras de la Torá, pero los 72 Nombres se revelan en la historia de la división del mar en los 3 versículos de 72 letras cada uno comenzando en Éxodo 14:19.

    Para empezar una meditación adecuada sobre los 72 Nombres, comience por conseguir un estado de calma de la mente y el cuerpo.

    Medita en el propósito de la meditación y en el deseo de canalizar la Luz que está a punto de recibir. Casi nunca puedes pedir la Luz solo para ti, salvo en una situación que amenace la vida.

    Recita el Ana B’Koaj y evita pensar en los deseos egoístas y personales. Cada deseo debe ser canalizado para ser usado para el beneficio de los demás. Nada de lo que recibas debe quedarse contigo, incluso si consigues cumplir tus deseos, podría contener la negatividad con energía del “fin”. Siempre busque continuidad de la energía que estarás recibiendo. Transforma todos los deseos en un acto que podría beneficiar también a otros.

    Después de terminar con el Ana B’Koaj, no recite la línea de “Baruj Shem” y continua para escanear los 7 Nombres. Escanéalos todos sin pronunciar ninguno de ellos. El ruido afecta y limita/enfoca la energía a un puente especifico que puede no ser el que estas buscando.

    La Torah se escribe sin vocales por lo que es potencialmente pura y sirve a todos en sus necesidades. Los 72 Nombres sólo se pueden leer como letras, es decir, el primer Nombre VHV puede leerse como Vav He, Vav luego el siguiente Yod Lamed Yod. Esta es una manera segura para leer los Nombres, y la mejor para permanecer en un nivel de conciencia pura.

    Deténgase en el primer Nombre, Vav He Vav para meditar sobre tu deseo y hazlo otra vez en la misma secuencia al principio de la fila 7.

    Después de terminar con la meditación, recita el “Baruj Shem…”


    La Luz que proviene de cada Nombre no debe limitarse a una energía específica.

    La Men He Shin no es sólo para la curación, He He Ayin no es sólo para las relaciones y el amor.

    Escanea todos los 72 Nombres como uno.

  • Smadar

    Shavua tov. I am also partly of Yemenite decent. I am very interested in learning more about those roots. This is where I am now.

    Would saying the Ana Bekoach be just as powerful as the 72 names in the SAME WAY (connecting to the same energies) or because of the different construction of the letters creates their own separate unique powers (different energies)?

    Would you recommend saying all the 72 names (w/natural vowels) because it is connecting with the synergistic power of all the names working together or could one just choose the one or two names that they are attracted to for the moment and meditate on it or just pronounce it?

    For example if one wants to connect with the energies of Samech Aleph Lamed is it better to say all of the names because they work together as a whole unit or it doesnt make a difference and to just focus on the one name?

    Thank you again for your time.

    • When a person takes 1000 units vitamin C, it doesn’t mean that his body absorbs that amount. Each body responds differently.
      It is similar on the spiritual level. If a person have the proper vessel for it then he will receive the Light and the blessings channeled from that specific letters.
      One should be clean physically and spiritually before starting a meditation. Selfish agenda create a block and the prayers and meditations don’t pass the gate of prayers.
      Having said that I don’t want to discourage everyone from making an effort in that direction because every little bit of meditation brings the person closer to purity and the right track.
      I suggest starting clean in body heart and mind. Read Zohar and if you know it then read the specific sections related to whatever Light you are seeking. Recite the Ana B’Koach and meditate on what kind of Light you wish to connect to. Include others that have the same needs in your prayer. Use specific names or general population and remember that doing so it will expand your vessel, becoming a channel for that Light. Scan the entire 72 names while meditating that the Light comes from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem through the names and pass through your mind, heart and body to all of those in need of that Light. Stay calm and positive all the time to be able to hold the Light and manifest it. Anger or other negative and impure actions will immediately break the vessel you created for the light and trasnfer it to teh negative side.

      Remember that spiritual tools and not ‘Hokus Pocus’ or magic spells from the ‘enchanted forest’. In this world we need to earn every little light we wish to have. we are no longer in the Garden of Eden to enjoy free light. Genesis 3:19 “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread….”
      B”H we will merit having Mashiach in our days, Amen.

  • diego cardozo

    hi i am from colombia .i hpo that you can understand me my english is bad jejeje.i am new in this kabbalah world.i confuse but one teacher named albert gozlan teach meditation.he teach the 72 names of god the different way.
    he say that every name have a time in the day .for example if a name work in the morning at
    3:00 am to 3:20 am i am not meditate in other time.
    other cause of confusion for me is this:
    he adds other letters .if i want to mediate vav hei vav ,i must add after other letter for work
    vav hei vav add alef hei yud hei this transform in
    alef vav hei hei yud vav hei.
    jejeje is too long my quuestions is?
    this is correct? i need meditate any name of god in a specific time ?
    i need add other letter to the original code ?
    thank you i hope taht you can help me in my city no exist kabbalah centre god bless you

  • Fides

    Shalom Zion, I want to go into exorcism to be able to heal people with different sicknesses and disease, my question is what is the proper way for me to draw energy enough for the work. And can you please give me a true guide how the Ana B’koach meditation with 72 names and Barukh Shem are recited? I will be happy if you include the do(s) and dont(s) and solution incase anything backfires. Shalom

  • chris

    Dear sir,
    we would like to order the Torah with nikkud and without nikkud
    that you used in your youtube video:

    The energy of the Hebrew Nikkud -- 7:52

    Kindely ask for information where to order it.

    Thanks for support

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