A spiritual guide with many years of experience listening to and helping a wide range of individuals address issues in all aspects of their lives. A holistic view of a person’s life, starting with the beliefs that determine their actions, works with methods designed to observe a person’s thoughts and block out those sabotaging their efforts to achieve peaceful life, success, and fulfillment.

For those who need business consultation and process improvement;
I am a certified professional in project management (PMP), service management (ITIL), and Business analysis, coaching individuals and business people. Experienced in improving processes and solving complex business challenges.

Personal coaching

Be heard by someone who listens with your best interest in mind—having a partner with whom to explore your options to achieve your goals. Having clarity that only comes with a focused conversation to make better and wiser decisions to overcome challenges.

Private teaching

Private sessions to study Torah and Zohar according to your level and desire of learning.