The 72 names prayer

Deep explanation about the 72 names

The 72 names sacred prayer
For bests experience use headphones and maximize your display. You may recite the Ana B’Koach before watching this video and at the end of the video say
“ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד”
“Baruch Shem kevod malchuto L’olam Va’ed”

Please do not look for translation because the light is revealed only from the Hebrew letters and the reading. The explanation video is in English and will give you background and understanding of this sacred prayer.

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  • Chuck benson

    Hi Zion
    where can I find the list of the 72 pessoukim related to all the names ?

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  • Gabriela

    Hi zion , I want to light up a candle fof Moshe rabeinu, but I don’t see the paypal option in that segment… nor did I see a way of contacting you there, sorry I am doing it here. I want to light the candle but I must do it via paypal.
    Thank you for all the cherished wisdom you shate, may HaShem bless you always

    • Dear Gabriela,

      Please note that since this year is a leap year, the main energy of the Hillulah in on the second Adar. Some make a connection to the Tzadikim on both months.
      At the bottom of this page you’ll find a link ‘Light a virtual candle’. Click on it and follow the process. If for some reason you still have difficulties then just email me directly to and I will put the name as you wish. You can make a small donation of the DailyZohar afterward.

      • Gabriela

        Thank you very much Zion for yor kind offer.
        . I have a idea I will donate via paypal and I’ll send you yhe names and photo of the payment.Do you agree? My donation will be small but with the heart.
        Toda raba
        El feb. 9, 2016 5:31 PM, “Disqus” escribió:

        • It’s okay Gabriela. The amount is not important and you can give anytime you are comfortable doing so. Email the name and I will add it immediately.

    • Gabriela

      Dear zion I was finally able to light up my candle just now…thanks and blessings

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  • Jòse Rodriguez

    Buen dia ZION, es posible obterner los 72 nombre para yo mismo estudiarlos y leerlos como oracion cuando hago o realizo la oracion de Aná Bejoáj….? Todá Rabá.

  • Nilo Leal

    Obrigado Zion!

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  • Dear Jose, I DO NOT recommend reading the names in any way. The Hebrew words and sacred names create angels. If a person is not pure in body and consciousness then the outcome would be negative. Reading the Zohar every day is 100% safe and can help with your prayers better than using names.

  • Tomas O’Reilly

    So much Light is bursting forth in our households this week Zion. Thank G-D for the connection the Internet has brought. We feel very privileged to receive your teaching and to be alive at this pivotal time. May Wisdom and Understanding shine through All. Shalom every one.

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  • Reuven Gold

    HaRov Zion- thanks so very much for the amazing hard work, time and siatta d’shmaya to allow these tools for all of us to get closer to the Al-Mighty! Baruch Hashem.
    While delving deeper into the posukim of tehillim connected with the 72 names- I was not successful in the posuk for card 21 18:50 or card 67 18:47 -- please advise!
    With Full Torah Blessings

    • Dear Reuven, thank you appreciation. Hashem gives me the power and wisdom to do this work. B”H I will be able to do more.
      What do you mean with ‘not successful’ in #21 and #67

      • Reuven Gold

        May Hashem grant you extra clarity, strength and true Hatzlocha in Giloy HaYichud!

        I realize my mistake now with those two posukim. Thanks!

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