The system works for men and women.
It’s a new and untested system but I believe that it can bring 100% positive results.

First rule.
To find the right woman, be the right man.
to find the right man, be the right woman.

Remove expectation
Break all your ‘templates’! He or she may be in an ideal weight today but may grow a big beer belly or develop large behind later. Always look into the human soul inside the body. Type A man or type A woman is an illusion because they may change to something that you couldn’t bear to live with.


Make at least three dates with no physical contact, even if tempted. See how you communicate with each other without the distraction of physical attraction.
can you hold 10 dates before touching hands or kissing good night?
If you feel that the woman becomes part of your life before you touch each other then you have a great chance that she is the one. Do not expect to have your heart flattered when you see her but the simple pleasure of having her around. This is a good start to build a good relationship.
Once you start with sex, you kill the relationship. After marriage and having children, life and priorities change.

The best formula to get married is to date 100 woman and it doesn’t matter if you initially like them or not. Make three dates and put the name on the paper. It is almost certain you that if you follow the guidelines above then before you reach the 100th name on the list you will be in a long term relationship.

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