How to meditate with 42 letters and the 72 names

The 42 letters name (Ana B’Koach) has the aspect of the ‘head’, which is a male form, Giver/conduit of light. It is a powerful force and source of everything in the whole Creation. Nothing moves in this world without the power of the 42 letters name.
The 72 names have the aspect of the ‘body’ and serve as ‘bridges’ of the light that comes from the ‘head’.
The 42 letters come concealed in the first 42 letters of the Torah, but the 72 names are revealed in the splitting of the sea story in the 3 verses of 72 letters each beginning in Exodus 14:19-21.
To begin a proper meditation on the 72 names, start by getting into a calm state of mind and body. Meditate on the purpose of the meditation and where you wish to channel the light that you are about to receive. You can almost never ask the light for yourself alone except in a life-threatening situation.
Recite the Ana B’Koach and avoid thinking about selfish and personal desires. Every wish should be connected to benefit others. Remember that a strong desire may draw the Light you wish for but it doesn’t guarantee that it will come without negative aspects. Always look for a continuation of the energy you will be receiving. Transform every wish into an act that could also benefit others.
After finishing with the Ana B’Koach, do not recite the line of ‘Baruch Shem’ and continue to scan the 72 names. Scan all the names without pronouncing any of them. We can read the names in their spelled form, like Vav, He Vav for the first name, and so on, but the tones we use to pronounce the names create limitations because each tone is a manifestation of energy that connects to the vessel/bridge that is the name.
The Torah is scribed without any vowels to give it a pure potential state.
After you finish scanning all the 72 names, recite the “Baruch Shem…”

The light that comes from each name should not be limited to one specific energy. מהש (Mem He Shin) is not just for healing, אלד (Alef Lamed Dalet) is not just for protection against the evil eye.
Scan the whole 72 names as one.

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