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Astrology reports can help a person find weaknesses and strengths to work on and improve the self/soul.
There would be no two people alike, even if there were born at the exact second at the same hospital in two adjacent beds.
The driving force is the soul of the person that comes from Hashem, and it is the main factor that determines a person’s life. Never accept the astrology report as something that you cannot change!
With strong faith and spiritual connections, a person can determine the course of his life, for good or bad.

The free reports are ONLY for DZ members and their families (spouses, children, in-laws, grandchildren). I trust your integrity. If you wish to have reports for a friend or relatives outside the family, then you can use this form and donate $9 per report (Reports for children below 12 years old, always free even if they are not in the immediate family circle. I make them for free because it can help the parents to guide the child to overcome weaknesses and strengthen abilities, talents)
I use professional Astrology software (Win*Star Pro) to generate the requested reports automatically. No one reads them, and they are sent to the email you specify. Please use your email. If you send a ‘surprise’ to a family relative, they may treat it as SPAM and unjustly flag our emails as a spam sender.
Please consider that I don’t have staff to process the reports. I input the data manually into the software, so it may take a few days to receive the reports, depending on how many requests are in the queue.
Please check the accuracy of all the details before submitting the form. If the information is partial or incorrect, I ignore the request.
*** This free offer may be terminated or restored at any time.***

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