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Author: Zion Nefesh

Zohar for protection from plagues

Zohar Vayakhel #469
469. Rabbi Shimon said, if people knew the effect of the ‘Action of the Ketoret’ before the Holy One Blessed be He, they would take every word of it and set it as a golden crown on their heads.
Those who meditate on it with consciousness every day, he has a share in this world and the world to come. Death will be removed from him and the world. He will be saved from judgments in this world, and from the influence of the other-side. He will also be protected from the judgment of hell after death and from the judgment of the other-side.
The power of the incense is to remove all negativity including death. Many kabbalists recommend reading this text every day, especially for those who are in weak health like cancer and other ills. When negativity is out of the way, it’s easy to draw light.

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