Dream interpretation on this page is suspended until further notice.

I am sorry about that but I get request from non-subscribers of the Daily Zohar. My energy is dedicated for projects that would benefit all people.

Dream interpretation is not a simple ‘Google translate’. I read every dream several times to connect and sense the person’s spiritual state from their words. Then I give answer that would correctly relay the message of the dream to the benefit that person.

I am working on new projects that takes a lot of efforts and sleeptime. I am happy to work for the Light and at the same time I have responsibility to use my time and energy wisely. For these reasons I suspend the support on this page until…

Supporters of the Daily Zohar may email me directly with dreams by replying to the latest ‘Thank you’ email they received from me.

Below you can find hundreds of dreams and interpretations that may help you understand your dreams.