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Dream interpretation is not a simple ‘Google translate’. I read every dream several times to connect and sense the person’s spiritual state from their words. Then I give answer that would correctly relay the message of the dream to the benefit that person.

I am working on new projects that takes a lot of efforts and sleeptime. I am happy to work for the Light and at the same time I have responsibility to use my time and energy wisely. For these reasons I suspend the support on this page until…

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730 Responses

  1. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    I was in a black wheelchair taking a stroll down a hallway. the wheelchair charged to full speed automatically all of a sudden. I lost control of wheelchair and charged very fast against a concrete wall. I thought I was going to be severely injured but the wheelchair itself took all the impact. I was shocked that not a bone of mine was cracked and there was not a mark on me at all. all the actually broke in half was the wheel chair and I no longer could use it. It was a disabilities black wheelchair for people who can’t walk. this took place in a college I no longer attend.and the wheelchair hit a lounge leisure area where people sit down on black seats to enjoy themselves. hundreds of people came to my defense from various classrooms and charged to make sure I was ok.

  2. Zion Nefesh says:

    The dreams reveals that you are in a relationship with a person that drains your energy and or in a risk of such. Examine your relationships with people. Avoid ‘fake’ people with hidden agenda and or those who doesn’t respect you.

  3. Ana Lodeiro says:

    I have a dream last Sabbath. In the dream people congratulated me for my new position .i don’t have idea why they tell me that.i was walking to a place like a restaurant and at the door a woman asked everyone for id. when i went to show mine i opened a male wallet and showed her my id. When she saw my id she said, “Oh! I’m sorry, Colonel, we didn’t know it was you! congratulations on your new position.” What does this mean?

  4. ana says:

    Dear Zion
    i dream a lot with military people what thats means .thank you

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      It means that you are protected from any future chaos. Stay with the Zohar study for protection.
      What kind of military people?

      • Ana Lodeiro says:

        Young and older man .they are in circle talking in uniform making a plan to take me to another country safety.

  5. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    chag kosher pesach zion,

    I had a dream that I was looking torwards the night sky inside my house. a giant cloud from the sky descended and went inside my house. the cloud surrounded and encompassed my entire house. there was white everywhere. the size of my house increased in size and became huge. I opened the back door of my house and it became the middle ages.there was a king and their servants dressed up in royal armor. it was a royal palace.

    i was given 120 dollars for a ticket to israel. me and my father were going to travel alone in a fire truck red colored helicopter that resided above a building. the scene was very sunset and orange sun. the money was split in two with one 40 and one 80. He told me please don’t waste your money on useless things. We both got into the helicopter and traveled to israel. when wee got there, we were above a building again on top of the highest level. we now had to descend to go all the way down to reach the floor. when we did, two security guards verified along the way that we both had our passports. when I got into the signing building to check the luggage to procceed, I was told i needed to put my signature in a special style. I had memories of high school friends that never happened in my life of us sitting down and watching our favorite television shows. I saw 5 platforms of light that got brighter as I went from left to right. first one very dim but last one very bright. someone tried to make sure I wouldnt choose the last one but i did and fell through it down a tunnell. these sequences of events happened first before the clouds.

  6. Ana Lodeiro says:

    I hear a voice in the dream saying Maljut 90 .i ask why maljut? And the voice repeated Maljut 90.what that means thank u Zion

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      Malchut is a vessel that can receive the light from the 9 sefirot above it. Each sefira has its own 10 Sefirot so 90 represent complete light from above.
      To give meaning in relation to you I need to know more details. Place, colors, names, other people, activity etc.

      • Ana Lodeiro says:

        I was walking in an open place, like a square . i was walking from east to west but there were a lot of people walking in a diferent directions. it’s morning, the sun is out .i hear a voice come from south east, saying, “Maljut 90”
        I look around tried to find who said it .i ask “why Maljut?” And the voice repeated “Maljut 90”. People dressed in different colors i don’t know any body in the dream

        • Zion Nefesh says:

          The dream tells about great news for you. Your prayers are answered and they are/will manifest soon in your life. Stay on the right spiritual path and keep studying the Daily Zohar to maintain good spiritual connection.
          B”H only good news.

  7. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    zion I had a dream that someone said at my kitchen door, this door is going to be removed. he held the door and said, a new door will be replaced by it. Ill get you a new one.

    I walked into a court and there was a judge with brown skin sitting down at the table. I told him I had a case that I needed to solve. then the judge said, I am busy handling another case with this person and cant take your case. I saw the person he was talking to sitting right next to him. And then he yelled in great anger, “DON’T BOTHER US”. And then he yelled get out of the court right now! I was then kicked out of the court and never could handle the case.

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      The first dream with the new door is good. You are going into a new/stronger relationship with a woman.

      The second dream is a message for you to follow the right path. There is something that you need to change in your life, behaviour and or environment. Don;t be hard head!. Open your heart, mind and eyes to your surroundings and friends.
      This is not the first time you get this message and the repeated message means that you don’t change.
      You are lucky to have these dreams and someone to interpret it for you. Don’t take these messages lightly.

      • Micael Edery says:

        zion, as for the 1st dream,
        its interesting you mentioned this. something like this has been going on for past couple of weeks and during passover. the new jewish relationship happened because of a mistake in job at business. the mistake happens extremely rarely by company. baruch hshem a speedy fulfillment.

  8. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    I was given pieces of half cut orange tangerines in my hand. I was commanded to take the fruits and walk up my home stairs with them. At each step, I was supposed to bend down with the sticky fruit and stick the fruit towards the step floor carpet so that it would pull out food and black sticks that were stuck deep inside.

  9. ana says:

    I have a dream last night. I look a mirror. And the mirror broken in pieces. I dont see my self in the mirror i just see this. What thats means?

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      Broken elements are sign for negative things. Since you didn’t see yourself in the mirror then it’s just a warning to be careful from getting into negative situation so you won;t experience the aspect of ‘breaking’.

      Stay positive, study ad listen to the Daily Zohar for added protection.

  10. Julio Cesar Florez Tellez says:

    I had a dream where I was followed by big crocodiles the size of prehistóric creatures. They we’re coming out of the ocean and chase me on a beach and almost got me but I was running as fast as I could. They never got me because of my fast running. Finally I reached a place where I was safe. And they stoked atba point that looked a gate for them even though there wasn’t a gate. I did look back at them and they were like frustrated because they we’re not able to have there meal. Can you help me with the interpretation of this dream? Thanks.

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      Such big and scary creatures represent nations/countries of the world. You are protected behind an invisible gate, which is the study of the Zohar.
      The ZOhar is the only protection in our times when chaos can explode anywhere in the world.
      Study well and you won’t even have to run. Carry Zohar text with you at all times.
      Use the UnityZohar app on your mobile device to connect to the Zohar anytime you wish of the day. The app is free for all.

      • Julio Cesar Florez Tellez says:

        Can you give me more details on the dream? How those big scary creature can relate to me?

  11. Julio Cesar Florez Tellez says:

    Zion could. You please give a look to the dream I did post?

  12. ana says:

    my daughter have a dream last night .she and other people sing to god .and every time she sing she have to draw a thread of his clothes.what that means?

  13. ana says:

    I have a dream shabbat. I was in the backyard of a lady house her relative life in the other side the 2 backyards divided by a wood fence .this lady have the gift to play any instrument and she teach people but she was sad because she want to be like the her relative who live in the other side i look trough the fence and she care baby’s. I tell her why u r gift you have a beautiful gift . and i see from the groun 3 frogs whos looking at me

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      There is a person in your life that uses flattery to be closer to you. Connect only with people of truth and pure heart so no one can take advantage of your kindness.

  14. ana says:

    i have a dream last night i saw a rocket. i was very near the rocket .and a voice tell me that take 92 ,and in that moment the rocket go up very faster to the sky. i look to my hands and i have chocolate Oreo cookies.

  15. ana says:

    I dream i was in front an elevator a woman decorated it really pretty with a chime inside. I realize she did all this because she have to give it to me. I was outside looking.

  16. Zion Nefesh says:

    Usually dreams during day nap are not considered to have a true message except on Shabbat.

    The dream tells about some negative elements that want to take from you (probably money or property). They may look like they come in peace but they can not be trusted. If you are in some kind of business then be careful with you business dealing. If you are working for others then some may want to have your position or benefits.

  17. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    zion, I had a dream that you were giving me advice in shul. my body size then shrunk and I entered inside my teffilin bag. i t was an entire new world and i was able to walk inside my bag all over.

    I was then given a whole new home for free that originally belonged to a friend. the whole home now belonged to me and i walked around the entire house. I was then given an order from a tzadik rabbi. someone told me that he wants me to eat allot of beans and that would force all the “bad” out. I then saw the beans were inserted inside a challah bread for me to eat. his name was rabbi pinto.

    what does it mean to be given a new home to live in?

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      A great dream and promise.
      Because of your recent changes in your home and consciousness you have renewed your vessel. You are now have a purer vessel (new home) that can grow without the negative ‘attachments’ of the past.
      Whatever ‘ills’ (black beans) you had in the past will be ‘sweetened’ (Challah).
      The Pinto family had great Tzadikim and miracle workers. You maybe connected in some way to this line or by any merit of the family that you inherited spiritually.
      B”H success. Keep on the righteous path and you will see miracles.

  18. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    shalom zion, there is now a dream with excellent news,

    A giant golem entered my house. it stood by the entrance doorway area. the golem was extremeley tall, at least 20 feet tall. its length reached my house ceiling. its face looked like an extememly old female person. it looked just like a person. I asked are you a golem and the golem replied I am. the golem replied about good news concerning the house and health. it said because you are feeling better, that means that there has been a change in the nevironment of your home. new fresh paint was being added.

    my soulmate started speaking to me and told me “your all set”. I want to visit you really soon, but Im from another country. I have to come over to where you live.

    I held a bowl of light yellow spaghetti. iits ussually a light weight object but it was extrmely heavy to pick up. As i picked it up, I felt that my bones were ready to break.

  19. Esther Grutters says:

    Well, I dreamt this shabbes about homes. I did not know where my own home was. Since Rosh Hashana I moved to the city 15 km away from my parents (not that big distance). So I dreamt that I did not knew where my home was, I went to different houses and rooms where I saw my books, my clothing things I owned but nothing looked as my own home. After a time of wandering I found my ”home” I was like ”ok I stay here” it was near by my university, the train station and there was a kosher shop near by also near by a forest where I could run. It was also a little close to USA or in the USA because I was in an american shop with my rabbi but I had to hurry. Was a little confusing, but I had a home but I felt alone so on my own. I felt like nobody was there I was missing something. For the record I live in the netherlands in a non jewish enviroment so it was kind of special there was a kosher shop near by xD So that was my dream besides I had a platonic relationship with a jewish friend. But it was really confusing all those houses and so on. A few weeks ago before shabbos I dreamt about all my stress, aniexties and sorrows and I woke up crying no one helped me not even a psychologist that same loneliness… So analyse please 🙂

    Shavua tov 🙂

    • Esther Grutters says:


      Can you also reply? 🙂

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      Dear Esther, ‘Home ‘ in a dream symbolize your vessel. You are in search and feel that you found something but there are issues of your current home. It need to be cleanse from something. Check it’s history and maybe you need to invite the rabbi to do some prayers in the house. I hope that you have a mezuzah and if not, put a kosher one immediately.
      I suggest no to eat meat for a while to disconnect from aspect of ‘death’ (we kill the animal to eat it) and draw ‘life’ energy into your life. Socialize with good and happy people, eat fresh and non- processed food as much as you can.

      Stay with Zohar study because its the best way to cleanse any and all negativity from your life. The pain in your heart brought God into it and he led you to the Zohar. Keep bringing the Light into your home (vessel) and in time you will be very happy.

      • Esther Grutters says:

        No problem thank you, one mezuzah is constantly falling of it is frustating I can call the rabbi to come over. The history of my home is not there only lived students. I barley eat meat through the week.. is fish ok for shabbes?

        • Zion Nefesh says:

          The mezuzah is falling because either it’s not Kosher or to tell you that there’s a problem in the home. Even students can leave negative energy behind. I’ll send you in private email more suggestions. If you have dry walls, check for dead mice, rats in the walls.
          Fish and or a little meat is okay on Shabbat. Always with proper blessings.

  20. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    saturday night

    I had a dream that I was looking towards my kabbalah talisman that i received from huge tzadik. my brother told me that the whole time the talisman was turned off red and it just needs to turn on in order for the energy to start flowing and for it to work. I pushed a green button and the whole talisman came to life. A tzadik gave me this talisman four months ago and a week after i stopped wearing it, I get this message. I don’t understand the message but Ill put it on again now all the time.

  21. ana says:

    i have a dream this Sabbath .i saw a beauty home and someone tell me is a GIF for me .i begin to fly around the property. beside a house ,have a huge camp a lake and stairs to a beauty sea in between the camp and the lake a very fat brown horse standing ,i stop flying and washing dishes.i fell very happy in the dream i wake up felling great . what that means?

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      Homes represent your vessel. You are doing good spiritually and have merits to ‘fly’, which is the aspect of setting priorities to your spirituality. Stay on the righteous path and keep with your Zohar studies to grow your merits in this world and the world to come when we can really fly when we desire. After the final cleansing of negativity from the world and final peace, buildings won’t have/need elevators.

  22. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    I entered new york and various famous people from twitch were standing on top of the roof on many houses. thousands of fans crowded each building to congradulate them. me and my family moved into the top of a roof on a house. we never descended but stayed there forever. all items from previous location were now put there. my first dream question was related to this, what does this mean?

  23. vi says:

    I had a dream that I was given a large red apple cut into quarters on a plate. I do not recall who gave it to me. It was a man. The hebrew date was 27th of Iyar.

  24. Zion Nefesh says:

    Seeing yourself and family on ‘top’ of building means good news on all aspects, spiritually and materially. You have/will have support of teh family and relative.
    B”H good news.

    • MikeNcheeze Edery says:

      the relative that is related to pinto lives in new york. he visits by frequently in our home. He is very close to us.

  25. Hana Marlena says:

    Hello! I had two dreams recently.. one of which has been on my mind daily ever since.

    In one dream… it was though I was dreaming a regular dream but I couldn’t hear any of the dream. The only thing I heard the entire time was “metatron, red staff” repeatedly until I woke up. I never knew who metatron was and I had never read anything about him until after this dream. This interpretation is extremely important and I am very curious as to what it may mean. The last dream was on shavuot and I dreamed of braiding challot.

    Thank you!!! And may G-d bless you in all that you do

    • Hana Marlena says:

      If you’d suggest I’d ask someone else for an interpretation please just let me know

      • Zion Nefesh says:

        Dear Hana, Sometime I’m too busy to answer dreams immediately. Your dream tells that you were/will be saved from judgment because you did a very good Mitzvah.
        Stay on the righteous path, avoid anger and do good to continue great blessings from above.

  26. Ortila Faryab Shamsian says:

    Hi I have 2 dreams that concern me much, first one happened last week seeing my mom (G-d forbid) die, and I was misreble and devastated. Second one was last night and I was naked out of the shower in the streets of my childhood 😳😳😳please help

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      The dream is good for your mom. She received additional ‘life’. She’ll live longer that what was planned for her.
      Your ‘nakedness’ means that you may lose your spiritual garments. Either you did/will do ‘bad’ things or some evil eye around you may hurt you.

      Watch your actions. Be positive and stay away from all negativity, especially anger and evil speak.

  27. Adam says:

    I recently had a dream with many snakes appearing and then vanishing-what is the meaning?

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      It means that you are missed some good income opportunities. Having many snakes in the dream means that it’s more the few times. Even if you are already rich, you may get richer so you can do more positive in your life. If you are working for employer, look where you can advance yourself.
      To avoid missing or losing on income one should do good, study Zohar and tithe religiously. Check the related videos on the Daily Zohar.

  28. Zion Nefesh says:

    Dear Alma, I’m sorry that you lost your father but the good news is that he is better. He has an easy process above and that means that he did a lot of good in his life, especially when he can come and ‘visit’ shortly after he passed away.

    Check on your mother’s health. Your sister and brother need to correct passed ‘issues’. Share the dream with them. If they wish to know understand the meaning then and only then tell them about my interpretation. It’s not your responsibility and do not force them to accept anything.
    May the soul of your father have great ascend to his final resting place until the Resurrection.

  29. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    zion I had a dream that rabbi mizrahi was explaining the meaning of lighting the candles to his class at a yeshiva. each candle was wrapped in a glass like structure. after he lit all the candles, he said every day they had to be lit. They also had to be positioned in such a way that each candle will give off its smoke so that the smoke only hovers around the center candle. then he did all of this. he had to tilt each candle so that the candles fire would be giving off its smoke. then some girl yeshiva student asked a question. can a man with a physical problem light the candles. rabbi mizrahi then took expensive glass in his room of various dishes and threw them on the ground. everyone gasped in shock and horror as each of them shattered. his answer without words was it was difficult for somweone with a physical deficit to do and would be dangerous.

  30. Gabriela says:

    Hi Zion, please help me with this dream I had last night.
    I was inside a tunnel with a stairway And one of my sisters was with me…We are not in speaking terms since 18 years ago( A long story), we both went up the stairs and came out of the tunnel, she was dressed in black, I didn’ t see myself, right after coming out she turned left to enter “a catholic chuch “. I turned right and was happy I wasn’t going there with her ( I am now trying to convert to judaism )
    Later I saw myself with a baby and I “knew” it wss hers, the baby was a girl a few months old and I kissed her chheek several times, though I knew she had saliva on her cheek…finally there were red roses and I gave the child one bud to est and I picked anther for myself, one not too closed but not yet fully blossomed they were very darlk red in colour and I ate the bud..that is all I remember. I feel this may have an important message.
    Thank you for your help. Blessings

  31. Gabriela says:

    Sorry Zion, I forgot to tell ,the door through which my sister supposedly went in was an old carved wooden door. After I ate the red rose bud I saw a Maguen David all formed by those red rose buds.
    Thank you.

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      Dear Gabriela, you are on the right path and your conversion is in the aspect of Gevurah. Your efforts and studies earned you the elevation (Climbing the stairs and seeing the magen David). At the same time and since you are leaving the previous spiritual line to connect to the roots o your soul you need to make peace with your sister. She’s also elevated in her own ways and this is the time when you can both ‘bridge’ the negative history that disconnected your relationship. Talk to her of use a third person to ‘soften’ the situation. You don’t have the live together in peace but you should respect each other

  32. Gabriela says:

    Thank you very much Zion, I will try to make peace with her..only one thing: could you please explain a little about my conversion being in the aspect of guevurah? This is because in my dream when we came out of the tunnel I turned to my right and my sister to the left?

    • Zion Nefesh says:

      Your conversion comes from your great desire for the light and your efforts are welcomed and helped in the process.
      The separation from your sister is the aspect of Gevurah/left. Even though you can complete the conversation without connecting to your sister, It’s would be best if you resolve the issues you have because she did change a lot, positively, even if you are still different.

      • Gabriela says:

        Thank you Zion, I understand… thank you so much for your help and advice, sure I will seek to close this cycle the best wsy possible. I really want to be in peace with everyone and specially with Hashem and myself. Gabriela

        El 25 jun. 2017 12:00 PM, “Disqus” escribió:

  33. Gabriela says:

    Thanks again Zion may HaShem bless you for you generousity and guidance

  34. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    shalom zion
    I did not understand this message.

    I had a dream that my parents gave birth to a new baby sister. this wouldn’t be possible in real life because they are too old. when we had the baby, all my family from around the world came to my house. I spoke to all my family members and they were all wishing me mazal tov! celebrations, cakes, and food at dining room table. I then found out that really my uncle had the new baby instead and now she would be close to the family. I was then looking at a copy of myself. my whole life was shown to me starting from young till now as a rerun. I saw all my sufferings not visually but by looking at my copy face. I understood that just by the way the face looked, I could all of a sudden read everything about myself. heaven court explained that my 20 years of suffering are up and now my soul is completely purified. please note this wasn’t with words but through some sort of telepathy communication.

  35. katia says:

    hi zion .

    i had a dream few nights ago that i really appreciate your insight about it. it is kind of important for me to know the message and meaning of this dream.

    in my dream i saw my mother (who passed away few years ago) was with me. it was a table with a white table cloth on it. my boss was was sitting at the table. i gave him utensils to use at the table because i was setting the table. then my mother gave me a razor that looked like a peeler to give to my boss. i told him: my mother brought this for you (i used my mom’s nickname to mention her name which i do not use normally). then my mother said to him :
    yes i brought this for you.
    when i woke up i was puzzled that why my mom has to give my boss anything. they never met each other at all.
    i went to work that morning. i saw my boss and he told us that he is going to do a biopsy on his liver in the afternoon.
    then suddenly i remembered my dream. the next day he got the result back and unfortunately it is not a good news.
    now i am totally puzzled by my dream. is my mom telling us something that we need to know or my boss needs to know about his health?. please let me know what you think. thank you Zion so much for your time.

  36. Geidy Garcia Coronado says:

    Very grateful for the response. I dreamed of looking for Mezuzahs desperately and upon entering an unknown place a gigantic blue/golden Mezuzah with a gigantic Hebrew letter ש (Shin) appeared with golden and white light surrounding it. Kindly advise what this means.
    Thank you.

  37. MikeNcheeze Edery says:

    I had a dream that I saw a post advertisement for giving charity to camels that lacked food. I was asked to donate money to save the camels lives. If I donated 5 dollars, I would get 25 dollars back at sometime. if i donated 25, I’d get 50 back. If 50, than 100. there was some betting concept also involved in it to get peoples interest to fund. I gave the 5. I was then holding a rainbow colored jellyfish in my hand. its body and tentacles were both rainbow.

  38. ana says:

    I have a dream today somebody give me a elephant like a gift .i wonder whene i put the elephant because was huge. Them i was in a table with an old friend and his sister i look in the sky was a huge constelation

  39. River Ties says:

    Hello there i had a weird dream where a ghost lady had literally stabbed me with a knife in my heart and i didn’t even had a time to defend myself…and in a meantime she said i’m done with ones who cannot deliver messages properly…tnks

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