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One: The Zohar global unity project

Edited by Mordecai Orozco and Stephen Geller

The Holy Zohar, the principal text of Kabbalah, is the foundation for all Kabbalistic knowledge and wisdom currently being taught by numerous organizations and teachers throughout the world. Not only does it teach about the structure and essence of the physical universe and the unseen spiritual system, Kabbalah also explains what we need to do in order to receive the Light of the Creator intended for our use.

The Light that emanates from the Zohar transforms the world for the better. With this knowledge and understanding, we remove darkness from our environment, and come closer to loving and caring for each other. With unity and unconditional love as the two fundamental principles in the teachings of Kabbalah, we gain the ability to spread the Light to others as well as bestow peace everywhere the Light can reach, even the farthest corners of the world.

The entire population benefits from the teachings of Kabbalah and the spiritual work of the Kabbalistic sages. The depth of Kabbalistic wisdom is so fundamental and profound that it’s known the Zohar will bring about the Final Redemption as promised by Moses and Elijah the Prophet. And it is the Holy Zohar, the teachings of Kabbalah, and the creation of Unity are the triumvirate that will bring to the world this Final Redemption.


The Zohar was written by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai at the beginning of the first century. Yet, it was not revealed to the world until the end of the 12th century in Spain. The revelation of the Zohar marked the end of the Middle Ages (also known as the Dark Ages) and the start of the Renaissance, an age of new social, political, scientific, and economic achievements.

(Not coincidentally, the Hebrew name for Spain is ספרד. These are the initials of the four different levels of wisdom found in the Torah, which the Zohar helps us to decipher. The first letter represents the level of secret that is directly related to the knowledge of Kabbalah.)

The advances of the new age eventually spread throughout Europe and peaked in the 16th century when Rabbi Isaac Luria Ashkenazi, also known as the Holy Ari, was born. He came into the world just to reveal and explain to us the deepest secrets of Kabbalah. His teachings have been known as Lurianic Kabbalah.

Rabbi Shimon’s teachings, as explained in the Zohar, were intended to act as a metaphysical connection to support the Shechinah, the female essence of the Creator in our physical realm, throughout the centuries, starting with the destruction of the second Holy Temple to the eventual arrival of the Final Redemption. Thus, it can be said the sacred text of the Zohar provides humanity with not only with knowledge and understanding, but also with metaphysical channels to keep the Light flowing into our physical realm and sustain us until the Final Redemption.

After Rabbi Shimon departed from the physical world, several great Kabbalists emerged who studied and revealed the secrets of the divine spiritual system discussed in the Zohar. The most significant and influential Kabbalist was the Holy Ari (“the Ari”). Even though he passed away at the age 38 in 1572, the Ari shared knowledge and teachings that have empowered generations of Kabbalists with a new and more profound understanding of Kabbalah.

After the Holy Ari, Rabbi Yehudah Halevi Ashlag, also known as the Baal Ha-Sulam, of blessed memory, is the most influential Kabbalist. Among his many profound accomplishments, Rav Ashlag took on the monumental task of translating the Zohar from its original Aramaic into Hebrew and also adding enlightening explanations to make the Zohar more comprehensible and accessible to a larger audience.

Rav Ashlag shared with us detailed lessons based on the book The Tree of Life by the Ari. He explained the process of Creation beginning with the moment the Creator possessed the will, the desire to create the world. He taught about the Creator’s intentions about our world. And, he explained the process from the original thought of creation to the manifestation of matter in our physical realm.

It is known that Rav Ashlag’s work with the Zohar, which took place during the time he lived in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, brought about the declaration of the State of Israel. This eventually resulted in beginning the long-awaited process of bringing the Children of Israel back to the Promised Land. And this process will continue with the further awakening of all the Israelite souls, including that of the ten lost tribes that have been dispersed throughout the world for millennia.

The current stage of revealing the wisdom of the Zohar consists of spreading the knowledge and light to all the people of the world—regardless of race, religion, or creed. And in order for this phase to be completed, the souls of all Israelites need to connect to the Zohar. The only way this can be accomplished, according to Rav Ashlag’s writings in his book The Gift of the Bible, is by bringing the rest of the world to reside within the eternal Light of the Creator.


Most Kabbalah organizations today follow the teachings that Rav Ashlag brought to the world through his divine inspiration and the power of his soul which, in fact, included a spark from the soul of the Holy Ari. The Baal Ha-Sulam, of blessed memory, taught us we are all on the same boat. This means it is our spiritual obligation to act with love and unity, and feel responsibility for the welfare of one another.

He wrote about the unity and responsibility the Children of Israel owe each other as well as the rest of the world. The word Rav Ashlag used ערבות. (Arvut) literally means “vouching for,” with the intent of finally achieving אחדות (Achdut)—Unity.

There are many great Kabbalistic communities that have successfully managed to spread the Holy Zohar, its wisdom, and its message of unity throughout the world. Yet unwittingly, they have created some separation as well. How is that possible?

People tend to follow leaders they feel more in tune with. When it comes to spirituality, even a different interpretation or understanding of the same message can make a person choose one group over another. As a result, although these large communities have hundreds of thousands of active followers, unity, in most cases, is only temporary and its experience is mostly limited to the individuals within the group itself.

We should not blame anyone for joining a community solely because they find common ground with other members. In fact, the Zohar teaches that, in the world of action, this physical and material level of existence, it is nearly impossible to achieve oneness in a large crowd. Thus, although communities are important for finding a support system and maintaining a shared consciousness within the group, the unity achieved—one  based mainly on the sharing of similar ideas or values—does not ultimately promote oneness throughout the world. But now there is a way to create oneness within a large group…


Global unity begins in the unification of the thoughts at the seed level and the consciousness of the millions who study Kabbalah through the power of the Zohar. After all, students of Kabbalah walk the same path paved by Rabbi Shimon, the Holy Ari, and Rav Ashlag who shared with us the understanding that everything begins in the spiritual realm where thoughts reside.

Because our actions are driven by our thoughts (without a thought, whether conscious or not, we can’t even begin to move a muscle), it is possible to make global unity an achievable goal through the power of the mind.

We can all connect our souls as one through the power of the Zohar. We do not even have to gather under the same roof to live with love and unity. Since the Zohar reveals the Light of the Torah, it contains links to all the souls of the Children of Israel. This unseen power can literally bridge all the physical limitations of language, time, and space. This is the place where all of our minds and consciousness can meet in oneness.

The ultimate unity is in the Zohar—the seed to all Kabbalah groups and teachings. When we all connect with one consciousness as one soul to one Zohar, we can achieve global unity. This is the true form of Arvut (vouching for) we ought to feel for everyone else even if they are not part of our community.

THE UNITY ZOHAR PROJECT was created with this sole purpose. is not an organization that gathers people under a message. It does not belong to or identify with any specific Kabbalah school, group, or organization. is not intended to create a community or Kabbalah school. It will not ask for your money. is here solely to give FREE access to the Holy Zohar to all people of the world. is a place of spiritual connection where we can all come and connect as one soul. By doing so, we create a bridge to disband our physical and cultural differences, and act in unity and oneness in the spiritual level.

HOW IT WORKS has the entire sacred text of the Zohar in a database organized in double sets of paragraphs. The first reader to visit the site scans the first two paragraphs. The next visitor, who may reside anywhere in the world, will receive the next two paragraphs to scan. The third visitor receives the following two paragraphs to connect to. Finally, when the last paragraph is read, the process begins again. Knowing we have collectively scanned the Zohar in one complete reading cycle, the counter will indicate one.

Before visitors to begin to scan or read the Zohar, they will start by reciting a short meditation inspired by the teachings and ways of the Ari.

I < your full name >, son/daughter of <parents’ names>, connect my soul to the Holy Zohar in UNITY with Rabbi Shimon and all the souls that share this book. I am one with all the Children of Israel wherever they may be and with all the people in the world. My soul and their souls are ONE in complete love and unity as we were one in the soul of Adam. May it come true that the Light revealed through the Zohar reading and scanning brings about the Final Redemption for the whole world today. Amen.

The invisible thread that will connect all the readers through every reading can wrap around the world many, many times over. And, with this collective action we begin to share a truly unified consciousness and increase our sense of responsibility—Arvut—for the well-being of all other souls in the world, even those who may not partake in the collective reading of the Zohar.

When the Torah was revealed on Mount Sinai, 600,000 souls stood as one. Once again, we can connect all the souls of the Children of Israel in order to merit the great revelation of the Light of the Creator especially during these very trying times.

If you feel you are one of those 600,000 souls that stood in unity in Mount Sinai, please join to be one with the wisdom, knowledge, and protection of the Holy Zohar, Rabbi Shimon, the Holy Ari, Rav Ashlag, as well as all the other sages throughout the millennia.

The increasing level of instability manifesting in the world today leaves us with very little time to waste. Global unity–genuine oneness–MUST occur before the world we all know falls apart. We need to act now!

Be part of global UNITY. Connect to students of Kabbalah throughout the world. And make miracles happen…

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