Jerusalem, ‘ירושלם’ is numerically 586, same as ‘Shofar,’ ‘שופר,’ which is the aspect of connection to the upper levels.
The actual pronunciation of the name is ‘Yerushalayim’, which normally requires the letter Yod י to be present just before the last letter of the name. Instead, we find only the ‘chirik’ with is a vowel that comes under the Yod to pronounce it correctly. Interestingly, the English word is pronounced like the Hebrew name without the missing Yod.
We find 622 times the incomplete form of the name ‘ירושלם’ and only five times the complete and proper form of the name ‘ירושלים’ in the Bible. (tap here for the search tool I used)
The five times the name appears are related to the Holy aspect of Jerusalem.
The letter Yod י represents the Light from Keter and Chokmah, and the name without the Yod that appears 622 times in the Bible has the numerical value of the word בכתר, ‘in Keter,’ revealing where to find the missing Light that Jerusalem, ‘ירושלם’ needs to be ‘healthy.’
The verse expresses the desire of the body (Jerusalem, Malchut) to connect to the Light (Yessod) it needs.
The complete name will be expressed on all levels when Mashiach removes the negativity from the world and brings the third and everlasting Holy Temple.
Our body is the aspect of Malchut, and the soul desires to connect to God and draw Love and Light from Yessod, which is the ‘Beauty and joy of the whole earth, as the verse above expresses.
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