Protected: Out of the Matrix – Part 3

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  • Ana Claudia de Souza

    Very relevant commentary Zion,
    I´ve seen the falls of many religions leader, or the beguining of their fall. And yes, there are moving in the wrong directions. Have the feeling that there is such an energy of truth and justice on the coming months. Light will prevail. All the best,

    • Cesar

      Ana, thanks for your insight. What about christians churchs? In latinamerica there´s a total corruption network. I could name the strongest but for avoiding possible legal issues I wont

      • Ana Claudia de Souza

        Dear Cesar, you´re so right regarding the corruption in church. But this is historical. What is chocking me is how kabbalah and Judaism movements is becoming corrupted in the last year. I cannot go further in this subject because I´m in the last steps of disconnecting from one of this movements. It all starts with mind manipulation, most of the times with people with a poor ability to rationalize. People coming from chaotic inner experiences. Then comes de manipulation, false knowledge. Money involvement is just the surface of the iceberg my friend

        • There would be always those who take advantage of popular ‘product’ and sell it for profit and all kinds of personal gain.
          In Israel you will find holy kabbalah places that study 24x7. There are Torah and Kabbalah Yeshivas, schools, that sleep during the day and study all night to cover for the lack of studies during the night. There are many teachers that teach for free. There are some that print kabbalistic writings and spread for free. I have strong ties with some of these places.

          • Ana Claudia de Souza

            Dear Zion,
            You are a safe harbor for us!

          • Tom Scheurer

            I’ve learned that all spiritual teachers must be self supporting. Whatever it is they must also work a job for money.

          • That is true. It’s from the Shulchan Aruch, laws of Tzedakah. Also from the Rambam (Maimonides)
            More info about it here: You may use google to translate the Heberw page, it’s OK translation

          • In addition, there’s the principal of Issachar and Zebulun. Issachar was a Torah scholar and his brother Zebulun was a merchant that supported his brother and for that he shared the merits of Issachar studies.
            Nowadays, life is not as simple as it was in the past and Rabbis and Torah scholars need support. By supporting pure channels of light we share their merits.

      • Corruption would happen anywhere you see people in control. Religious or otherwise. Even a righteous person is surrounded by ‘managers’ that would be easily corrupted as they control the access to the righteous man.
        Do not judge every person in power but don’t ignore little signs that may lead to bigger ones.


    Now we are getting out of the Matrix! Thank you ZION!

  • Cesar

    Dear Zion, thanks for your insights. Please, what is the Sin you are talking about when you right: “This sin is very hard to correct in this world”?
    Will you post further about out of the matrix?

    • The sins I was referring to are sexual sins. Sex draw light from the upper levels and if it doesn’t go to a proper vessel it goes to the negative side. There are different levels and one of the worse is having sex with a married women and the wife of the brother.

      I will have probably one more about out of the Matrix. In general I will write more about different subjects in addition to the daily study that is from the weekly Zohar portion.

  • Cesar

    I feel very confident sharing my opinions, concerns and expectations with all of you. I know for sure it is not Lashon Hara, its part of the process of unveiling our eyes and i really feel blessed for having access to the true wisdom. since 1992 until 2002 I lived under slavery and manipulation from Christian Church. In 2011 came difficult issues to my family and people at church told us it was because of our decision of leaving church. In this year I knew Kabbalah from Laitman but it was impossible to access because I did not have the proper vessel. In 2013 I had a traumatic experience of pain and frustration and I felt blessed when I knew KC in Miami, it was easier to understand. They gave me a teacher, who treated me though, and in every difficult question that I had he only told me that Kabbalah was not meant for me, so I was manipulated in a certain aspects. I began to compare the KC with my former church, they wanted proselytism and world-wide expansion, they were severe with students and we had to promote monthly events. I met two years later a former KC teacher from Argentina and I began studying with him until he decided to quit the system for promoting Messianic era . Later, I found Daily Zohar and I study now full time with Zion. I feel sad because of all the issues coming from this institution, I do not want to lose my faith on the system. I still believe that Zohar studies are the solution for all human requirements.

  • Yael

    Hallo Zion . I am searching to reset my password ,I can’t lock in to read this study . How can I do this ??
    Sorry I know it’s not a subject here but I am happy to have finally a internet connection.
    Light to all . Shabbat shalom an chodesh tov . Yael

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