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by Zohar

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  • Jose Luiz P dos Santos

    Dear Zion. I feel deeply sorry for all that situation. As an old humble student of mysticism, I have observed that, from times from times, good organizations are disturbed by one, or some, individuals that come, start the chaos, and go. Simple like that! This also happen in the professional working environment (this is currently happening in the Project I am working for). Sometimes it`s hard to notice what is going on -- I understand it comes from the left side (yetzer rah). To be short, the point is, according to my point-of-view (please observe that my knowledge of Kabbalah is very short, almost none): you should be very careful about your own reactions to attacks and challenges from the other side. It is very important not to fall to the position of the attackers!!!

    • That’s true Jose Luis. We should be very careful about our own reactions to attacks from the other side.

    • Dear Jose, You bring good points that I agree with them in the general sense. In this case, I realized that the time has come to help those who left the KC. I didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t published publicly before. As I mentioned above, my goal is to help people stay with the faith in the system and knowledge of Zohar and Kabbalah. The distrust that many people showed in the KC including most of their teachers that left them for one reason or another is a strong testimony to that fact.
      Because many have doubts about the tools I opened this page that is available for DZ subscribers to questions and answers. I asked people not to share negativity but to ask questions related to teaching that they have doubts about. Some people wish to ‘vent out’ their experience and I hope they will stay with questions rather than sharing their experience with the KC.

      The foundation of the teaching as established by Rav Berg was and is great and should be kept and followed but sometimes teachers in the KC used Rav Berg as reference to their own ideas. I want this page to serve all of those with doubts about what they learned there.
      Finally, there is a law in the Torah that instruct us to remove obstacle from the path of the blind. This is my intention here. For example. people should stop using the 72 names as taught by the KC. Most of the interpretations and the use of them is very wrong.
      I want students to keep the good they got from the KC and ‘weed out’ the bad. I’m here to help in identifying the ‘bad’.
      With love to you and all, Zion

      • Tom Scheurer

        What 72 Name interpretation do you use?

        • I am scanning the entire chart, not individual names. I use the 72 names prayer by the Rama of Pano, every morning.

  • Lvh

    Well done, I can testify myself Daily Zohar is serious and have helped me in various occasions.
    Pity it’s missing a personal advice skype service, an astrology service, daily videos and lessons courses as in the KC.
    In the KC something happened after the Rav’s passed away.
    There is a sense of greedyness indeed. It happened to me my purchases of many video products had been deleted without even giving me advanced notice neither any sort of refund.
    Daily Zohar is really honest but should be modernised at some extent.
    I’ve received help from members of DZ every time I needed it and everybody ‘s been so kind to me.
    Blessing to you all and please pray for me as I get near to my 60 on march the 4th
    Thank you

  • Ellen

    “Agenda Driven Teaching.” That is the best description of the Kabbalah Center. It is a shame. I was a student for six years. I studied in higher level classes such as TLE. and many advanced classes with some great teachers. Unfortunately, the KC itself had an Agenda which did not include me. I’m sorry there is so much corruption. The teachings at the KC are very good and quite valuable. If they stayed focused on that, it would be amazing. The financial driven agenda is a distraction that needs to be corrected and I hope they do. For now, students have the Daily Zohar, a true gift. I am so appreciative to have found the DZ. I study almost every day.. Thank you Zion.

  • Cynthia Peña Ros

    May I share this article on my facebook page with your signature?


      You should not please

  • Albin Po

    Dear Zion,

    I read your mail and article regarding KC troubles and first I just realized
    that I receive for free the Daily Zohar every day of my life from
    many years now, thank you very much for this. You re the only one i know
    sharing for free this great power.

    Zohar and Daily Zohar helped me a lot in my life and daily life even i don’t
    understand any words of aramaic or hebrew (exept I recognize the name
    of the Rabbis and the Patriarchs in your audio). Many many times I
    gave up but Daily Zohar never forget me.

    I am a Kabbalah student from KC Paris for 14 years now (in & out) that does not
    really mean anything i mean it s not important how long what s
    important (for me) is your consciousness…

    I met so many wonderful people from all arounfd the world in KC Paris, Berlin,
    London, Miami I feel sorry for the KC students and teachers and
    benevols who have been abused (or think they have been abused) by a
    little egoists and corrupted people (who have been abused too by
    themselves and their ego). Cause all of us here certainly have
    learned about “tikkun” and these KC troubles are part of a big
    correction according to plan like all of us need. KC need it too. It can
    not may be otherwise. Of course I appologize if you are victims or
    feel you are.

    Who need more light than darkness ? Whatever it is, it’s better like this.

    Learning spirituality is like climbing an descending automatic stair,

    if you just do the job well you just dont move. You need an extra work to go up.
    Guess what happen when you stop working…

    Thank you Zion for keeping us focus on our daily spiritual work.


    This is a place of teachings …
    Please refrain from negative stories or comments !
    Please I ask with all my heart 💜
    If you can , delete any negative comment about anyone .
    Don’t share on Facebook neither
    Use this place to LEARN -- SHARE -- GIVE sans RECEIVE
    What our eyes see and what our mouth speak is very important and also can be very dangerous!

    • Dear, this page is protected with password for DZ subscribers only. Many people gave their heart, money and soul but found great disappointment when the ideals presented found to be just a mask.
      I hope that people focus on questions about the teaching and what is right or wrong.

  • David Fournier

    I have bittersweet feelings about KC, I can first credit them with getting my journey started in the study of Kabbalah, but eventually I moved on and began searching for more deeper and authoritative sources. Many of the complaints against the KC are very concerning and one should approach them with caution. I did a radio interview with YB years ago, and found him to be genuine and caring about his part of the program. Again, approach with caution and only tithe to verifiable traditions and teachers.

    • Sarah Carolina Abente

      I am in KC 11 years ago, thanks to that I knew kabbalah, we also contributed to Dialy Zohar and our teacher knows it was never opposed.
      I believe that in life you have to add and not subtract.
      There are only two types of people that destroy or build according to Rav Ashlag.
      The important thing is to focus on which group we are, the builders or the destroyers. If we make negative comments we are obviously in the group of destroyers.
      And if we want to be in the group of constructures then we understand that everything has a bigger picture and is perfect.
      And only every day I focus on working on myself.
      I follow dialy zohar years ago thank you very much

    • Dear David, I understand your point. I knew YB years ago, found him smart with great knowledgeable of Torah and Kabbalah. That was years ago. Many years ago I was not what I am today.
      This page is to guide people to approach with caution every teacher and organization on their path.

  • Ana Claudia de Souza

    Dear Zion, thanks for adding me to this group. I´ve been learning a lot since I´m here, let say, around two months ago. Have many spiritual experiences that show me I´m in the light path. May the Creator always guide you in your best intentions. Here in Brazil, KC is very strong. And there are lots of Kabbalah stuff as well. I have the perception the prior intention is always good. The problem is the unprepared people that come after to guide the teachings. People easily forget the purpose. I´ve been so involved in a religious movement for the last year. And in the last two months’ things started changing inside me. Now I see clear where I´m in. It´s a problem. It is taking time to heal and to disconnect. Happy to be here with you. The prayers, the daily teachings and Shaul classes are of a great help.

  • Roman Gerber

    Dear Zion God bless You and Your loved one for doing a great job in spreading Light and Wisdom of Kabbalah.

  • Nancy Love

    Gracias querido Maestro por su preocupacion de que tengamos la enseñanza correcta, Hashem Lo Bendiga

  • Thank you for the question. This is the type of questions I was looking for.
    Red string and water are material things. Water is very sensitive to energy/ environment forces (H20 = 10 atoms H=1, O=8). Rav Berg was a Tzadik with higher level of spiritual connection and could inject his consciousness into the water. I didn’t check the Kabbalah water they sell now and I can not testify to it. You can ask them about the process and who makes the meditation.
    The Red string has the similar aspect. If the last hand that delivers it to the person is not pure then you can have doubts about it. In general I wouldn’t use the red string at all. Reading Zohar every morning is better that a shirt made out of Red string.
    One more note. If one sells something with spiritual energy for money then the consciousness is about making money and the spiritual energy is lost. A true Kabbalist would never ask for money when doing something that would help another.

    • Gioconda Teresa Segarra

      Dear Zion, firstly, thank you for the DZ, I appreciate those daily e-mails.
      My question is: What about no cutting the hair of boys until they turn 3 years old? I’m not Jewish but I learned at the KC that boys should keep their hair untouched until they turn 3 so they can draw all the possible energy to support their spiritual path, so I am doing it with my son. Is this supported by Torah or Zohar? Thank you!

      • Deuteronomy 20:19 “the man is the Tree of the field”
        Leviticus 19:23 “When you enter the land and plant fruit trees, leave the fruit unharvested for the first three years and consider it forbidden. Do not eat it.”
        We are the aspect of trees and the child is let to grow without interfering with his energy growth for the first three years. After age three most children can speak and express themselves properly.
        So you have now teh references in the Torah. The Holy Ari did the hair cut for his son on Lag B’Omer by the site of Rabbi Shimon. Many keep this tradition and after the child pass three they wait for Lag B’Omer to cut the hair of the Child by Rabbi Shimon or by other great Tzadikim.
        No need to wait for Lag B’Omer. After age three, take the child to a rabbi and or invite people to your home for this celebration. Let the most honorable person to make the first cut, then others that can do it with love and care for the child.
        No blessings needed but the party with food blessings should be as thanks to God for the gift of the child.
        I don’t remember exact reference in the Zohar but if it’s in the Torah (quotes above) then it’s probably mentioned also in the Zohar.

        • Gioconda Teresa Segarra

          Thank you so much!

  • Lvh

    To all of you a prayer for healing to my friend Giuliano Ponis ben Moira ( his mither’s name ) who is in hospital in sever danger . Please please help in Hashem’s Name. Please.

  • RighteousSoul

    Hi Zion,
    Thank you for continuing “The Daily Zohar”. It’s always a blessing. Quick question… regarding Kapporot. Is the place where we have been going “kosher” and is the chicken sacrifice even necessary or is using money and giving Tzadaka enough???
    Miss you and the family!!!
    Marcia Bass

    • Dear Marcia,
      Thanks and hugs from us.
      If you have a live chicken in your hand then it’s about the ‘Shochet’, (the man who does the slaughtering), not the place. (As I remember the place you referring to, I believe that place looked Kosher to me but I wasn’t there for many years so I can not make an opinion)
      Chicken is not a must for Kaparot.
      Read more here:

  • Silverio Pérez Champala

    Mi esposa y yo sospechabamos que habia algo raro en KC pues 3 secciones de Kabbalah $8000.00 (Ocho mil pesos) GRacias por preocuparte por nuestro bienesra espiritual y por la información.

  • You have a strong point. After the Rav, KC ‘locked’ people in the ‘Matrix’. They kept giving the ‘blue pill’ to keep people in their Matrix.. Teachers, students and the monetary support leaving them is the aspect of death.

  • Thank you Leah for your kind words.
    I’m here to help all of those who wish to rise and will answer any question following the Torah and Zohar as taught by Rabbi Ashlag and other great Tzadikim.

  • Please see my reply to fjd above.

  • Albert Salichs


  • Hello Zion, I left KC end 2015 because I felt their new direction of mixing eastern philosophies with the teachings of Kabbalah sat very uncomfortably with me. Today, I am not studying except for reviewing DZ on occasion. I feel my teacher was a good man -- he helped me through one of the darkest times of my life out through the other side. Just before he left Israel he “took” me via Skype to Rav Brandweins grave, lit a candle and said a blessing for me for my birthday. Never pressured me for money for KC -- asked and I gave but when I wanted to stop he just said ok. I feel sad for him that he is caught up in this “new” center as I feel he is deep down searching in his soul like the rest of us. I wanted to study Rav Ashlags works with him, and he said he would do it with me but I wanted to distance myself from all the learnings from the KC. I threw the baby out with the bath water and removed all books I bought from the KC (but could not part with Ashlags writings), as I felt it had corrupted energy. I am waiting for the “teacher ” to appear and some things are beginning to appear. I feel quite suspicious in what “teachers” may be saying because I have no Hebrew, Aramaic, no depth of Jewish learning and take at face value people are saying the truth.How will I know if they are teaching the truth when I have no foundation? I am like a baby in this regard. I learned a lot from the KC -- good things I think that have helped me but not much depth. Before the Rav died, I had a dream where he told me it was all about the Zohar -- he was emphatic about this. And so I feel this is my path, but I feel overwhelmed and pretty much an outsider with the lack of knowledge, and so I feel I am peeping into a vast vat of wisdom I can never fathom. I also have fear of the Zohars power and using it incorrectly as I am not sure I did not use it unwisely by following the teachings of the KC. I have reason for this fear and so I guess once bitten…

    • Dear Annie (and anyone like you), I appreciate your candid words that I believe many of those who feel ‘outsiders’ would share.
      First, I don;t think that you can be ‘outsider’ as long as you appreciate the Zohar and seek its pure teaching. It was wrong for the KC to mix the teaching of the Zohar with other philosophies. It’s may be a good business decision to draw more followers but spiritually wrong. Now the Zohar rejected the KC as teachers of it. Most teachers and chevre left them even without receiving any compensations.
      The Zohar books and Rabbi Ashlag’s writings are definitely Kosher. Also the first books of the Rav, expect for those edited and reprinted after he was out. All other books should be evaluated individually but I didn’t bother to read them.

      The Daily Zohar brings the pure teaching of the Zohar, paragraph by paragraph, no skipping and no ‘cherry picking’. I bring the original text in Aramaic, Hebrew, quote Torah verses and make my explanations about the original text, based on the understanding of Rabbi Ashlag, ‘Hasulam’ and other great Kabbalists. I made my goal to stay pure with the teaching, provide it for free and allow free conversation on the site. I encourage people to share their own study sources on the DZ because my goal is about spreading the knowledge, not a business opportunity. Thank God I have a full time job.
      I have two new projects that are in progress and B”H will come out soon. More on the to-do list, waiting for the budget to become available. I trust God in all my heart but I won’t go into debts. If I don’t have the money ahead of time I won’t run a project (Deuteronomy 24:15).
      Because there are so many beautiful souls, ‘refugees’ of the KC fall, I will expand the DZ site and work harder to provide more teaching on many subjects in addition to the daily Zohar that follows the weekly Zohar portions.
      I installed recently a new system to automatically set links on kabbalistic terms appears on the DZ studies. The link will show short explanation on the screen or link to a special page. I’m working on the database and I will send email to the subscribers to suggest terms to include.
      Bottom line and until you find a better place keep on the Daily Zohar as an anchor, explore other sites and videos, post comments and questions on the DZ and keep your soul connected to the light of the Zohar. The flame is already in you, just keep it on. I’m here for all when they need me, UNCONDITIONALLY.
      ואהבת לרעך כמוך

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