On Tuesday and the week before Shabbat of Beshalach we have a special prayer and reading called Parashat Ha’man. It has significant power related to drawing light of sustenance to our lives.

The ‘Parashat Ha’man’ is from the Torah portion of Beshalach and it tells the story of the Manna, God brought down from heavens to feed the Israelites in the wilderness. The Manna had spiritual qualities and it satisfied every person’s taste. The Israelites received the Manna every day until they reached the borders of the Promised Land.

In the portion of Beshalach we also find the root energy of the 72 names and the splitting of the Red Sea. The 72 names provide for us spiritual bridges from Malchut, the world of action, to the upper levels, where spiritual and material sustenance are bestowed on to us.

The spelled name of YHVH that has the numerical value of 72 יוד-הי-ויו-הי relates to the world of emanation ת Atzilut. In Shabbat Beshalach we have opportunity to connect to the power that controls the material level.

On Tuesday, our vessel begins connecting to the Light (level of Nefesh) of the coming Shabbat and Portion. Reading Parashat Ha’man makes a powerful in our vessels to light that draws sustenance.

After watching and/or listening to the entire Parashat Ha’man (links and video below), scan the entire 72 names
Then just scan the sequences below. (Do not read!)

In order to activate the light of sustenance in our lives we need to remove the aspect of death from our vessels. It is done by giving tithing from our income. Minimum tithe is 10%.

Short explanation; The tenth is the aspect of Malchut, which is the sefira that doesn’t have light of its own. Revelation of light in Malchut (our world) is done with restriction (pushing the light away). An object in the dark is revealed only when light is reflected from it. It the same in life. Desire for the self-alone is darkness and brings judgment. Desire for the sake of sharing draws and reveals great light. We work and receive amount that represent the 100%. 10% of it is for Malchut and it carries the aspect of death. to remove it we ‘push away’ the 10% and 10% goes to support revelation of light. Tithing has the power to maintain and increase our income when we share at least 10% of it.

The purpose of tithing is to support continuation of light in the world. We give it to where we get support for spiritual connection and spiritual growth. Our tithe should be divided between all channels of light that we benefit from. If one benefits only from one source of light then he should look for another channel of light giving it part of his tithe (even if it’s a smaller part). The spiritual reason for that is that God has many channels of light in the world. If we support only one of them then it is like not appreciating God’s channels of light in the world. We should make an effort from time to time to give to an organization that spread light in the world even if we don’t have direct connection or study from it


Our work and efforts to give and grow spiritually during the year will have the rewards come after the following Rosh Hashanah. This is the time when the decision on life, children and sustenance takes place. The more we do during the year the better we build our vessel and gain greater light and sustenance in the next year.


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