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Tag: Cholam

Daily Zohar – Tikunim – #33 – The final 32 Lights

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -33.

Fifty gates were created for Binah. All of them were given to Moshe except for one. This is the secret of the Cholam without the Vav.

The final gate will be revealed in the final correction of Malchut. Moshe will be have the key to open this gate to bring the Light of Binah to Malchut as it was when Malchut elevated to Binah to have the shape of the vessel to be able to draw the Light on the Seventh (Shabbat, Sefirah, Shemita, etc.). The world is running in the cycle of seven. The basic cycle of seven times seven is forty nine. Forty nine is same numerical value for the word חולה “sick” in Hebrew and it related to the world of correction, our world.

When you visit a sick person and stand by his head you bring the missing dimension like the dot of the Cholam. This creates a link to fiftieth gate and help the person to get out of his sickness.

Moshe will come to “visit” our “sick” world to open the fiftieth gate and heal the ills with the Light of Binah.

The vessel will be in equality with the Light and that is the final correction. The Vav of Zeir Anpin, which is the Torah with 32 paths will be filled with Light. That is the secret of מת רפח. Out of 320 lights of creation, 288 broken sparks of light left for us to correct. The final 32 will be corrected by the Light of the Final Redemption delivered from the fiftieth gate through ZA by Moshe to bring Mashiach time.

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