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The Zohar: The Cure for the Ills of Our Generation

Our generation suffers from countless man-made ailments simultaneously–from polluted food, air, and water to poverty and global epidemics, from broken familial relationships to the constant outbreak of wars. Because humanity has lost its way, we desperately need true leadership.
Humanity has been witness to the amazing work of spiritual and political leaders. And, our way of life has dramatically improved throughout the ages because of brave men and women that have placed the wellness of their fellow man at the forefront of their selfless crusades. Unfortunately, we no longer have such leaders. Instead, we are now witnesses to the relentless search for wealth and power–the sources of ultimately control–by the many politicians who have sworn to protect the very people they now exploit.
Many countries around the world with weak or non-existent democratic governments and infrastructures have continuous internal wars for control resulting in rivers of blood shed over who will take the throne. Militants embark on crusades of greed and hatred for seemingly only two reasons: to become the law of the land or to acquire money regardless of the price paid by others. One need only watch the news or read the papers to add to this list.
Sadly, it is not only politicians and militants who embark on the search for control; it is also corporations and manufacturers of consumer goods. They want our money, so they charge the maximum amount they can get away with; in return, give as little quality as possible. In the process, they are willing to ruin the environment and commit acts of human rights abuse. Because we seem to have few choices, we too become accomplices to these acts.
Clearly, the personal agenda of those in control have led us to catastrophic results. Yet, what can stop all the wars at once? What can dramatically improve the quality of our lives? And, who can bring relief to our weary souls?
Simply–only the Light Force of God. And, the Zohar is the only tool available today for us to connect to and draw that light which can remove all evil and darkness from the world.