Tree of Life # 1 – The will of the Creator

The Creator, Bless be He, raised a ‘desire’ to create a place to build a special ‘home’ for his created beings. A place with a spiritual system that is an extension of him. In this place he would build physical worlds and to bestow on his special beings the ability to control their environment and be like him.

Before the Creation there was only simple light that filled the entire existence. Since we can not define it or know anything about it we call it the Endless, Bless be he.

To create this “place” “המקום”, the Endless light distanced himself (its light) from a middle point, equally to all directions. This process created an empty sphere “חלל ריק”

The ’emptiness’ of this space was not void of light but it was a state where the light was concealed in a system and process. To understand the principal we look at the sun as a source of Light. We cannot come too close or look at it directly. Its light cannot be seen in space but we know that it exists everywhere and is reflected from anything on its way.

Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Halevi Ashlag -Baal Hasulam

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