Meditation on the water before the beginning of the fast

The Ari also taught us a ‘trick’ to balance the body energy and remove the thirst feeling during the fast.

Before the fast begins we drink a cup of water in 9 gulps with the following meditation.

Prepare a full cup of water. I use 8 oz size cup because I usually drink a lot before.

Turn the cup one time counter clockwise, meditate on right of right and say “Chessed of Chessed” then drink a little. Place the cup back on the table.

Turn the cup again counter clockwise for left of right and say “Gevurah of Chessed”. Place the cup and turn it again for center of right saying “Tiferet of Chessed”, drink and put it back.
Follow the sequences in the table above and on the ninth one of Tiferet of Tiferet we drink the rest of the water and begin the fast. This meditation brings balance to the body that is mostly water.

Before the last glass of water and meditation I usually drink hot tea and brush my teeth, ‘washing’ the tongue from any food tastes as it may bother us later.

Please share this teaching. Many would thank you for that.

May you all have an easy and meaninful fast.