Daily Zohar -8

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Those that keep the sign, אות (means also letter), of the covenant, ברית (word= מילה ) , (also means circumcision), on the eighth day and also keep the Shabbat in its time, which is two thousands Ama (Ama is a measuring unit) in each direction and to four sides equal to eight thousands. The sign of the covenant and the sign of Shabbat are the two Yods form the unification name of upper and lower Y-A-H-D-V-N-H-Y, יאהדונהי.

This was explained before that every person found within the two signs and on them it was said, “You shall not take the Mother form the sons..”

If you ask why a person need both signs, and the answer is because the Shechina that is the Yod from אדני ADNY can not be here without the Holy One, Bless be He, that is the Yod of YHVH. A man should be careful every day to keep this unification. Weekday with the Tefillin and Shabbat.

Shabbat is the female and the sign of the covenant, which is the male of Zeir Anpin, letter Vav of the name.

The explanation is that before creation, the Endless Light filled up all existence and there was no place to create new. There was no beginning or end. When the creator desired to emanate new emanations and create the worlds, he restricted his light from a middle point, which is Malchut and the energy of judgment revealed itself as a result of this restriction. The light distant itself from this point and a void was made. Inside this void all the worlds were created.

A line from the Endless came down into the void, the vessel, to sustain it. The light in the judgement level is אדני and supernal light is יֿ+ה+ו+ה , The two letter י represent the two aspects of Light that we need to keep connecting with actions that continues the Light. Maintain the connection using spiritual tools and act of sharing, giving in all of their aspects.

On those that don’t keep the connection it said “You shall send away the mother”. They lose the connection to the upper levels and can’t be called sons.