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Luck is actually the flow of energy from the supernal levels that supports our Tikkun (correction) process. We usually block it and interfere with our Tikkun process when we expect only material outcome.

Most people relate to luck and success in the physical realm, money and relationship. What about health? Are we lucky to be healthy? …. Not sure? Are we lucky when we find the right doctor to heal us?

Can you call a person that won $100 million in the lottery, lucky? Wait! Shortly after winning he lost the good relationship with his family, friends and all his winning money went into bad investments. So? Was he ‘lucky’?
A successful soccer player broke his legs in a game and had to find another career. Was he lucky? Wait!. He became a world famous singer, recognized all over the world with more money than he will ever need.

To have a true luck is actually to be able to work on the Tikkun without distractions. We are ‘lucky’ when we don’t waste the energy that comes to us.

Luck and birthrights

‘Birthright’ is our Tikkun process. No one is born with balance in the three channels which are sharing (relationship, family) receiving (material comfort) and manifesting (keeping it throughout life). A person could make money in every venture he gets into because his correction is not about the process of making the money but with the actions of what they should do with it. Their tikkun could be about how they deal with their family or with people that need their support.
Many rich people have correction in relationships and the expression of their ego.

Luck in relationship

One can go through many relationships before marrying ‘the one’ or not at all. They could marry ‘the one’ but can not keep it for life.

[pms-restrict subscription_plans=”26910″]  Luck as we perceive it is a corrupted measure in life. We should wish ourselves to be ‘lucky’ in having the desires that are good for us. Lucky is a person that is happy with what he has. Lucky is a person that feels the light in his life at a level that money can never buy. ‘Lucky’ is a person that even if he suffers from different kinds of diseases he uses them as opportunities to disconnect from a body consciousness. [/pms-restrict]

How to change luck?

To really change his ‘luck’, meaning changing the Tikkun process, a person should shake and move heaven and earth and that is done as it is explained in daily Zohar #450. People who go through a near death experience or whose lives are saved by a miracle, have a change of luck. Their tikkun process takes a new path.

What is ‘Beginner’s luck’?
When a person makes a first connection (of any kind) it takes him to the level of Keter. He then could draw the pure potential light from his ‘luck bank’ to manifest in his action. In most cases it manifests positively. Some may connect to their ‘luck’ and keep with it until it is exhausted.
Repeating the action may not bring the same connection to the light. Many gamblers of the addicted type experience the connection to keter and they want to experience it again and again but if they don’t have this type of ‘luck’ in their spiritual bank it will never happen again.

Wishing luck
We know that wishing a person luck with their lottery ticket doesn’t mean happy outcome. Years of statistics show that 90% of those ‘lucky’ winners lost more than the money they originally won.

I may wish people good luck in a common way but in my mind I pray that they will have only what is good for them. It could be the Jackpot or just reaching their destination in happiness.

I wish you good luck in having ALL THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.