WARNING: Make sure the e-mail you want is never accidentally deleted as “spam”!

Sometimes the spam filters used by Internet Service Providers can delete mail you’ve actually requested to receive… so you never even see it!

To protect your subscription, please add the domain DailyZohar.com and to your list of approved senders. Here’s how:

Instructions for AOL users

  • Open your AOL e-mail account
  • Click “Address Book”
  • Click “Add Contact”
  • Create a contact listing for Daily Zohar with the primary e-mail address of



Instructions for Hotmail users

  • Open your Hotmail e-mail account
  • Click “Contacts”
  • In the left-hand menu, click “Safe List”
  • Enter DailyZohar.com and click “Add”

Instructions for Yahoo! users

  • Open your Yahoo! e-mail account
  • Click “Mail,” and select “Options”
  • Click “Filters”
  • Click “Add”
  • Click in the text box in the top row (“From header”) and enter DailyZohar.com
  • In the pull-down menu for “Move the message to,” choose “Inbox”
  • Click “Add Filter”
  • Also, please add the address



Instructions for other e-mail services

  • Add DailyZohar.com to your address book or list of contacts
  • If you can’t add an entire domain (DailyZohar.com) to your contacts list, please add the e-mail address