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The entire Idra Zuta reading in 19 tracks
Right click on the ‘Download’ link to save file to your PC. Add to your playlist etc. Please copy and distribute freely.
Idra Zuta Kadisha-1 Idra Zuta Kadisha-1 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-2 Idra Zuta Kadisha-2 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-3 Idra Zuta Kadisha-3 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-4 Idra Zuta Kadisha-4 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-5 Idra Zuta Kadisha-5 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-6 Idra Zuta Kadisha-6 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-7 Idra Zuta Kadisha-7 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-8 Idra Zuta Kadisha-8 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-9 Idra Zuta Kadisha-9 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-10 Idra Zuta Kadisha-10 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-11 Idra Zuta Kadisha-11 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-12 Idra Zuta Kadisha-12 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-13 Idra Zuta Kadisha-13 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-14 Idra Zuta Kadisha-14 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-15 Idra Zuta Kadisha-15 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-16 Idra Zuta Kadisha-16 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-17 Idra Zuta Kadisha-17 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-18 Idra Zuta Kadisha-18 | Download
Idra Zuta Kadisha-19 Idra Zuta Kadisha-19 | Download
Idra Rabbah – 1 Idra Raba -1 | Download
Idra Rabbah – 2 Idra Raba -2 | Download
  • Zion it’s Amazing
    thank you so much

  • daliah

    Dear Zion

    This is great, thank you! Is it good enought to listen to the text or do you need to read/ scan it as well?

    • From higher level to lower of revelation of light.

      1. Read and copy into paper.
      2. Read
      3. Listen and scan
      4. Scan or listen

      Sharing at each level multiply by 10 to 1000 times.

      • daliah

        Thank you for spreading bright light to everyone who is looking for it.
        D x

  • Chavoua Tov,
    Can I find on the web the Holy Zohar translated in hebrew or in any library on the web?


    • Stephane, You can go to:
      http://www.ha-zohar.net/ZOHAR_SEFORIM.htm where you can find links to may Zohar texts. All copyright free.

      on http://ha-zohar.com you can find search page where you can look for any text that exists on the site.

      I am working to put the Aramaic Zohar with the Hebrew translation side by side. I have both in the database as separate streams but now we need to ‘parallel’ them.


  • Nahomi


  • aure

    gostaria de saber se a um Zohar em portugues.

    • I don’t know of a Zohar translation in Portuguese but we have many translations of Zohar commentaries into Portuguese thanks to our friends Denis.
      Eu não sei de uma tradução Zohar em Português, mas temos muitas traduções de comentários Zohar para o português para nossos amigos Denis.

  • doris alexander

    Zion I love IDRA ZUTA is my favorite book I just love it. Bless are you for all the love that you have for us. thank you so much.

    • The Idra Zuta is the secrets Rabbi Shimon revealed before he left the world. It has strong energy.
      I have the entire Idra Zuta recorded and it can be downloaded to smart phone or to local PC for listening.
      Check the link on the Top Menu ‘Zohar Recording’ http://dailyzohar.com/zohar-reading/

  • doris alexander

    I am so grateful Zion, I don’t know why, I can’t explain why do I cry when I read it or heard it.
    I am so Bless thank you

    • Tearing eyes is the aspect of connection to Chokmah. Your soul enjoys connecting to this great light.

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  • Maysa Helena Alves

    Dear Zion
    I ask you, make a healing meditation for my daughter Thais. I am Brazilian, I live in Brazil. My daughter is in the Netherlands, need a lot of healing energy. Thank you.

  • Andres Rivera

    Shalom Dear Zion , Todah Rabah to the Bore Olam, haKadosh Baruj Hu…
    And thank you so much for thisgreat gifgt in light that you had share it to all of Us
    !! Blessings Of life in light and wisdom be with you ..!

  • Andres Rivera

    Shalom Estimado Sión, Rabah al Bore Olam, HaKadosh Baruj Hu … Y muchas gracias por este gran regalo de la luz que está compartiendo con todos nosotros!

  • Sarah

    Hi Zion, the Idra Rabba in audio is complete?

    Thank so much, for you gifts

    Love. Light and Blessings


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  • Paula Alfonso Hernadez

    Shalom Zion,
    Thanks for sharing this amazing material. Where Can I get the audios and readings in spanish?

    • Thank you for bringing the light of the Zohar into your life and your environment.
      Check our Facebook page in Spanish
      Daniel Schulman translates the DZ studies to Spanish and pos on the FB page. Audio recording of the Zohar on this website and also on ZoharVoice.com and SoundCloud.com/DailyDohar.

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