Zion is the connecting point of Yessod of Malchut. It is called “Mount Zion” because it is the higher level where we can see the Light. It is the center of the world. The first letter of יסוד, Yessod, is Yod to tell us that it includes the light from the highest level. The word יסוד has a numerical value of 80 to tell us that it is spread from the level of Chokmah down with the ability to connect to Malchut. Jerusalem is Malchut and below Yesod.
Jerusalem of the lower level is dark without the light from the ‘Mount of Zion’ that brings completion and fulfillment.

Jerusalem is considered ‘sick’ without the constant flow of Light from the Holy Temple. That is why Jerusalem is a code word for the soul’s yearning for the light, feeling sick without it.
This aspect is revealed in the name ‘Jerusalem’ itself (Check the term Jerusalem).


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